Brain Tumour Surgery in India

You might have gone on to choose the best hospital for brain tumour surgery in India, but before that you need to figure out more about this type of surgery.  A brain tumour does appear to be an abnormal growth of tissue in the central spine or the brain. Doctors are going to diagnose the disorder based on the region where the tumour is located and whether they work out to be cancer or non-cancerous ones.

  • Benign- it is a less aggressive type of cancer tumour and goes by the name of benign. The cells from inside or outside of the brain are responsible for it. They grow slowly and have borders that do not spread to the outside of it.
  • Malignant- they are known to contain cancer cells and there are no clear borders. It promises to be life threatening as the pace of growth is large and causes considerable degree of damage to the brain tissue.

Close to 120 different types of central nervous tumours along with brain is there. The spinal cord or brain tumours tend to vary for each and every individual. They emerge in different areas of the body and tend to be of various types. The treatment options are different.

What are the exact reasons for brain tumour cancer?

  • Till date no specific reason has been pointed out on what goes on to cause brain tumour cancer. But a few less known facts have obviously been established by research
  • As a kid if you receive radiation the chances of developing brain tumour cancer increases when you age. If you are a victim of certain rare types of genetic conditions the risk increases
  • Age does have a say in the outcome of brain tumour surgery. If you are above the age of 65 years chances increase.


The symptoms of brain tumour surgery vary from case to case. Though one of the most common symptoms appears to be the pressure on the spinal cord or the brain. There could be specific related symptoms where a particular area of the brain is not working. Mostly for brain tumour it happens that when you visit the doctor for issues like headache they are diagnosed. In addition to this some other symptoms are loss of vision, coordination issues, speech problems and issues with persistent headaches. When you avail the services of best neurosurgeon in India treatment tends to be of utmost standards.

The treatment options for brain tumour surgery?

The treatment of brain tumour surgery does depend upon the size, location along with type of tumour. The overall growth of the tumour along with general health of the patient does have a definite say in this regard. Some of the treatment options are as follows

  • Surgery- it all depends upon the location of the tumour it becomes easy for a surgeon to remove the brain tumour as easily as possible. Sometimes the size of the tumour is so small that it does make it easy to remove it from the surrounding tissue and the surgeons are able to remove it in a complete manner. On the other hand sometimes they are located in a sensitive area which makes their removal a virtually impossible task. At such a point of time the surgeon goes on to remove as much as tumour that is possible. Even when you remove a portion of the tumour it does go on to reduce the symptoms along with signs. The success of this type of surgery is high when you are in a country like India
  • Chemotherapy- By this mechanism you go on to destroy the cancer cells. Only a few types of chemotherapy drugs are there to remove the cancer cells. This can be provided in the form of an injection or a pill. In India a large number of patients come for this type of treatment. After the surgery many patients opt for chemotherapy.
  • Gamma knife- this does fall under the domain of radio surgery. This goes on to cure tumours along with several abnormalities of the brain. This is not a surgical option even though the term Gamma knife would confuse you. During this course of treatment a set of radiation beams are directed towards the tumours. For the international medical tourists all over the world this does prove to be one of the most sought out treatment options.
  • Radiation therapy- Here beams of x rays are put to use so as to remove the cancer cells. From outside the patient’s body the direction is directed. This can be placed inside the body which is very close to the brain tumour in certain cases. When it is applied on the entire brain it is known as whole brain radiation. This is a form of treatment that is put to use when the cancer has spread from the brain to other parts of the body.
  • Minimal invasive surgery- this key whole technique does work out to be a method in order to perform surgeries. A small incision is made and it is not recommended for each and every patient. It also depends upon the extent of the tumour along with the health and age of the patient. In this approach you go on to remove the tumour that is close to the brain and the major advantage of other forms of surgeries is that no major loss of blood is witnessed.

Why India is the best bet for brain tumour surgery?

  • Brain tumour cost surgery in India is comparatively lower in comparison to the western countries of the world.
  • Some of the best neurosurgeons of the world are found in India. They have gone on to gain education in the top notch institutes of the world and come back to India for imparting treatment. Even the calibre of the practicing doctors in the country is very high
  • The hospitals of the country can be compared to the best in the world in terms of facilities along with state of art infrastructure.



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