When it comes to buying brassiere it is a great challenge to find an appropriately fitting comfortable bra.  Only two in ten women wear correct bra size. Studies show that – not wearing correct sized bra leads to problem. So it is very much necessary to find a perfectly fitting bra.

Other then the size of the bra, the fitting problem is due to other factors like

  • Style of the bra
  • Cup size
  • The brand you choose and
  • Material of the bra

Few are not very comfortable in taking direct consultation while finalizing the perfect bra fit. Hence, you must have gone through the above mentioned problems involved while visiting the bra shop.

To help you end this bra fitting problem, we have listed some of the easy and best solutions. Hope it helps!

Finding the proper and right fitting bra is not less than a challenge. If the bra does not fit right, it will lead to irritation and you will feel uncomfortable the whole day. You might end up adjusting it in public.

Now let’s discuss about the various impacts a wrong bra can have on us and how to choose a proper bra fit.

First let’s discuss on the signs that tell you are wearing a wrong sized bra –

  • Bra strap slips– it is a common issue during the initial stages of wearing a bra. 

Slipping bra straps is a common experience. If your bra is worn out a bit after wash, you can tighten the strap of your bra before putting it on. If it does not slip, it’s appropriate. If it slips again, then you should go for the size lower than you are using presently.

  • Boobs popping out of bra – this is commonly known as Quadboob, where one experiences boob spillage from the bra.

If that is the case, you should look out for a bra that is bigger in size than you are using currently.

  • On which hook should you strap your bra?

I’m sure at least once in life time you would have come across the thought – on which hooks should I strap the bra? Right!

Always use the first hook when you start wearing the bra. Eventually after few wash, when the fitting becomes loose – go for second and third hook.

  • Say NO to slack in the back – the band of your bra should stand horizontally across your back and should fit firmly. It should never sit in an upturned “U”.

In case if it’s not straight and is rising up your back, then this is not a bra for you; go for one size smaller to what you are presently using.

  • Bra straps digging into shoulders – at the end of the day if you see red marks on your shoulder then it is a cause of concern. Act immediately!

It does not mean that your boobs are heavy. At times the straps fail to give the necessary support to your boobs; because of which the straps tend to take the slack and start digging into your shoulders. If that is the case, you should try loosening the strap or go for wider straps.

  • Centre of the wire fails to rest on your chest – If the front part of the band does not touch the chest; it means the band is too loose. It is a bad choice.

In such case, you should go down with band sizes and remember to go up with cup size.

The middle piece between the cups (front of the bra) should settles at your rib cage than it is a perfect fitting bra.

  • Poking from your bra’s underwire

Underwire bra gives support to breasts. But you must have experienced the underwire digging in, pokes out, or trying to attack you whenever it gets an opportunity.

If the underwire is creating discomforts then –

  1. Check if you are wearing the correct sized bra.
  2. Check if the whole of your breast is inside of the wire.
  3. Be gentle when you wash your underwire bra.

How to obtain the perfect fitting bras?

There are simple steps involved in adjudging your correct bra fit so that you get to know your perfect size and learn how to fit for a bra so that you have no bra fall off.

  • Wear a non-push up bra to have a natural look.

Take a measuring tape and place it parallel to the bottom of the bra band and measure your size since there are different sized bras.

How to know your cup size?

To know the appropriate cup size, place the tape parallel to the band and measure the area which is the fullest part of your bust. Every inch refers to different bra cup sizes; starting in the increasing order there is variable in cup bra size.

Apart from the above mentioned steps, there are varieties in different brands of lingerie and each bra has its own specification. So in case you know your appropriate size but are still unable to get your perfect fitting bra you can get along with the simplified procedure and get to know what suits you.

  1. Your everyday bra should be more than one in number

There is a simple rule “one fit does not suit all”. Similar is the case with bra, a single bra cannot suit all your outfits and they need to vary in accordance with the design of your attire. Repetition of a single bra in a row results in stretching it out.

  1. There is a change in your bra size –     With gaining or loosing of weight and increase in your age, you will feel that the same bra does not suit you as it did earlier and tits seem too big for a bra. So you need to get another suitable bra for you.
  • Hook the loosest strap – when you start using the bra, choose the initial hook of your bra. So that with time, as it stretches you can get the perfect fit by using the remaining hooks.
  • The simplest test of fitting bra – If raising your hand results in dislocation of your bra it means your cup is smaller.
  • Wrinkling of cups – if there is wrinkle or gaping in your cup you should go for the smaller size to get the perfect fit.
  • Spillover on top or sides of the bra– If you are facing the Quadruple breast syndrome and having issues wherein your breast is getting divided through your bra. Go for a size bigger than what you are using.

What are the different kinds of bras available?

We have known about the issues we encounter while we purchase a bra. But are you actually aware as to what kind or type of bra you want to purchase and what will best suit your desired outfit?

Different bra types and the impacts they have, are discussed below –

  1. Push-up bra– Three varieties of push up bras are available. It depends upon the level of push up.

The varieties are – gentle, moderate and exclusive. These are known as bras that lift and push together. Owing to the padding of silicone gel or foam these push the breast tissues upwards to define a perfect cleavage as the boobs conjoin and you will have no side boobs issues. Push up bra for big bust are also available.

  • Padded bra– it’s the most commonly used bra. They come in variable neckline and ranging area of coverage. They prevent nipple show from fitting dresses or your T- shirt.
  • T-shirt bra- even these are padded and come in varieties ranging from strapless to plunge.The seamless smooth cups do not make any show and provide sufficient support. The best part is, it ceases to exist in body-hugging outfits.
  • Convertible bra straps- These come with detachable straps which can be used according to your requirement either from front or back. You can use them with single strap, double strap, strapless or multiple straps depending upon you.

This bra is the suited answer to the question how to turn a regular bra into a strapless bra.

  • Strapless bra– This bra needs to be perfect fit, since its support depends upon the under band. These are suited for off shoulder dresses.
  • Balconette Bra –  these are also known as a bra with wide sides. The benefit of using it is that these are suited for wide neck outfits which will give side support push up bra feeling and you will have no boobs overflowing. These form a horizontal neckline with wide set straps and cups. It counts under the section of gentle lingerie as it gives gentle lift and round appearance.
  • Bandeau Bra– these do not provide support but are comfortable since the strip is made of stretchable fabric which can easily be pulled onto the bust over the head, so that there is no boobs spilling out. These can also be called as breast band and preferred bras for asymmetrical breasts.
  • Bralette– these are considered as outer wear as well as inner wear. These have lace edges which are suitable for loose fit tops and low necklines. You can choose wearing bralettes instead of bras as well as tops.
  • Sports Bra– These are suitable when you are on for your workout. These prevent bouncing and provide firmness to the bust. These are the best bra for side spillage.
  • Plunge Bra– These are suited for low neckline dresses since the gore of the bra is deep in the center. These are known as cleavage bras.
  • Stick on Bra – these are mostly silicon cup bras. These are suited for backless dresses. The adhesive present in the bra sticks on to the curves. In the bra shop, these are commonly known as skin bra.
  • Mastectomy Bra– It is suitable for those who have undergone a mastectomy in absence of breast reconstruction. The fabric used is feather soft in presence of silicone prosthesis pockets.
  • Maternity Bra– A good maternity nursing bra is designed to support a very heavy bust and will have reinforced lower cups for added lift and support. It will have a strong supportive strap, the double layered backband for added support and extra hooks and eyes for easy adjustment
  • Minimizer Bra– these bras helps in evenly distributing the breast tissues to show a reduced bust appearance. These are the bras that make your breasts look smaller.
  • No sag bra – Stretchable fabrics are not used in no sag bras. The frames are reinforced with wide backs and the straps are thick which present a youthful lift to the breasts. It is the best bra for saggy boobs.
  • Camisole bra (Cami bra) – This bra is easier to use when compared to a normal bra. It does not require twisting and turning, as you can simply slip on a cami bra like a t-shirt.
  • Longline Bra – the area of coverage is extended from the boobs to few inches above the belly button. It has an extra wide band and can be suited for any outfit. These are popular with plunge bras for large breasts.
  • Cage Bra – It is a universally loved bra with multi-strap designer backs and necklines.

The common bra fitting problems and their solutions-

  1. Fabric choice problem: choose the fabric which is comfortable and best suits you.
  2. Boob Sweat– if you face this issue, you should get along with t-shirt bra since they are structured with variable fabric and space for breathing.
  3. Poking boobs – You should prefer contour styled bra with pads and appropriate fitting.

Different ways boobs escaping from bra:

  • Cup Overflow – increase the cup size of the bra to avoid problems.
  • Side overflow- change your bra style, go with the balconette bra. It’s structure brings the tissue of the breasts from the sides to the centre and these are the only bras that push in from the sides.
  • Falling out bottom of bra- you should go for the size smaller than you are using presently.
  • Uneven or two different sized breasts Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t have even breasts. The truth is, every woman has one breast that is larger than the other. Some women have a noticeable size difference. There are many uneven breast size solutions to comfortably fit both sides of your chest or to cover the difference.
  • Wrinkled or gaping cups – if you are unsure of what size bra should I wear go, then choose balconette bra. Initially you can test the cup size by tightening the strap.

After going through these specifications, few questions must be coming up in your mind. So we have answered some of the frequently asked queries –


A) 34DD is considered as the most common bra size.


A) checkout the middle section of the clasp and pull it to the middle. The clasp will move up and the strap will tighten.


A) Check the bra you need to fit and see where it wrinkles the most. Place pins on the wrinkled area and sew it together with the fabric to obtain perfectly fitting cup size.


A) You can either sew the strap to your top or can use a paper clip to turn your bra into a racer back.


A) Vanity fair cooling touch full coverage bra has been rated the most effective bra for sensitive skin.


A) It is the most comfortable pullover bra fit. It is basically an underwire full cup bra.


A) For this problem you can get along with underwire bra, t-shirt bra or convertible bra.


A) It is the pain you feel because of underwire. At times high rib causes underwire pain, so in such case avoid using underwire bra.


A) These have evolved into the lingerie market as they are partial cup bras covering from half to three quarters of the breast giving appropriate cleavage and lift to the boobs. These have demi cup bras and form a U shape under the cup.


A) You can purchase a strap clip and adjoin the straps together. You can try a strap cushion which will avoid strap slipping.


A) Wireless bras are also known as Gap body bras.


A) You can use these bras in your regular use as the foam works as pad to provide fullness to your boobs.


A) The most preferred bra for halter neck top is strapless bra, apart from it you can get along with halter bralette, criss cross or strappy bra. Adhesive bra can even suit this top.


A)  ¾ cup bra is best for heavy breasts.


A) You can either go for a push up bra or give a try to silicone trim as it will provide fuller appearance to your breasts.


A) It is the size of breast augmentation people prefer for their perfect looking breast. There is no particular measurement for full c cup size as it varies in dimensions and look.


A) You can choose any bra type which is suitable to your top. It can either be halter bralette, bandeau bra or strapless bra.


A) The average weight of breasts ranges from 15 to 23 pounds


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