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Body Positivity and Wearing Plus-Size Lingerie in New Zealand


New Zealand is committed to empowering its women. There is a growing philosophy in this country that believes that the economy will thrive better if women are part of the labour force. Unsurprisingly, New Zealand has one of the highest employment rates globally, employing 65% of its women population. Aside from their critical role in the economy, New Zealander is also supportive of women’s choices when it comes to their bodies. As such, you will casually see women wearing whatever suits them. Even those with curvy body shape are okay flaunting their plus-size lingerie, NZ because there is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has the right to be empowered and feel good about themselves. To know more about this revolutionary idea, here is some information about body positivity and how you can feel confident about what you are wearing:

Body positivity

Body positivity is the acceptance that people should be confident about how they look, regardless of their colour, shape, and size. In New Zealand, this message has been widely accepted in its fashion circle; gone are the days when only slender models are part of the runway show. Inclusivity is also promoted in other print and digital media forms, encouraging women to be comfortable in their skin. As a result, more people are becoming psychologically healthy because they learn self-love. There is also an increase of representation in the New Zealand media when it comes to what could be defined as beautiful. On a more practical side, plus-sized women now have more and better choices when it comes to what they can wear.

Tips on improving body positivity

One of the most practical ways to show self-love to body image is to say something affirmative about yourself every single day. Another discipline that could help is learning to accept compliments and not criticising yourself for something you do not like about your body.

It will also help you see yourself better if you finally start shopping for the clothes that fit you, not the dresses you dream of fitting in.

Feeling good with lingerie

Sexiness is a relative concept. Generally speaking, many people conform to the idea that one of the ways to show physical sexiness is by wearing lingerie.

Lingerie is one of the types of clothing formerly avoided by plus-sized women. However, recent years have shown a significant increase in women’s interest in wearing this sexy outfit. Some styles that you commonly see in the stores are frilly house robes, curvy couture, and baby dolls. A few brands are also fashioning more daring looks like those with playful suspenders.

The secret in shopping for plus-size lingerie, NZ is to find a balance between comfort and style. It is advised that the underwire of the lingerie you are choosing will not flush out of your chest, and the underband will not ride up your back. Your breast should also fit into your bra fully without them looking too pushed out. Going down a cup size can also accentuate your look without making you feel too uncomfortable.

Body positivity is a state of mind, but it can be physically manifested by being able to wear the clothes you like. New Zealand is a place where beauty and sexiness are being redefined. In this place, there is no shame, only acceptance.

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