Best Round Nail Designs 2021

Best Round Nail Designs 2021

Nail art has been with us for many years now just like the fashion industry. Women began decorating their nails about 3000 BC. Since then, women from all over the globe have decorated their nails in order to enhance their gorgeous looks. Societies have different patterns as per their style and culture. However, round nail designs have been liked by different people from numerous age groups and societies equally.

Round nail designs come with many benefits, but one awesome advantage of this shape is its durability. Rounded tips aren’t easy to tear or chip and this makes the nail shape suitable for people who have weak nails and would like always to keep them short.

In this post, we shall cover the unique round nail art designs that have gained massive popularity in 2021

Pink Pearl Nail Design

This design is extremely trendy and popular. It is casual and very easy to do. All one needs to make this design is a pink pearl polish as well as a cutter. The nails are given a round shape and then the nail polish can be applied.

Neon Rainbow Nail Art

This design is unique and a design extension of the black series. To have this design on your nails, one needs to coat the nails using black nail paint and then add some round dots on the margins and at the center of the nails. The dots should be made using rainbow colors.

Cat Nail Design

Making this cat nail design requires one to make a face-rounded tip and two additional small triangles for the ears using a white polish. One black dot for the nose and two for the eyes are then drawn. Draw the mustaches and nose of the cat. Polka dots are done on the rest of the nails. Another coat is used to seal the design.

White Gold Round Nails

White nail polish is applied to the rounded nails. It acts as a base. Once it has dried, polka dots made using a golden color are added at the nail margins using a pointed tip. There you will have your gorgeous design ready to rock.

Neon Style Round Design

This nail design is fabulous and super cool making it very popular today. The design is classy and suits any event that is more formal.

Pastel & White Rounded Nails

In case you are looking for a formal function nail art design, this is the one you should opt for. Any of your favorite crystals can be added in numerous ways so as to give you the desired look.

Solid White Nails

Black or white colors never fade out. You can choose to have a white design with a pink, red, yellow, and orange combo. This look is usually great on round-shaped nails.

Soft Pinky Round Nails

This is another simple and attractive nail design that looks awesome on nails with round shapes. All one needs is soft pinkish nail polish so as to get the design on the nails.

Festive Nail Art (Football Lovers)

It’s possible for you to show off your team spirit by decorating your nails using this design throughout the football season. This amazing design has been created only for football lovers. Use it when you wish to support your team in uncommon ways.

Neon Candy Cane Nails

This design is fabulous and was specially designed for the charismas’ eve. The design includes “shocking pink,” “yellow polka dot bikini,” “flip flop fantasy” and “too hot to handle” in touch.

Pink With Gold Glitter

Shining and glittering nail art designs are very popular since they look stylish and vibrant. This nail design also uses pink colors as the base while the tips are decorated using golden glitter.

Tremendous New Year’s Eve Design

When it comes to New Year festivities, this design will help you have a good time in style. It’s quite easy and simple to get. One needs black shining polish that acts as the base when painting the nails.

Heart-Shaped Round Nails

When you have deep red hearts printed on the nail tips, they will surely give charm and vigor for as long as you have them. Consider trying this excellent round nail design by using the white or pink polish as the base and then decorate the nail tips using red-colored prominent hearts.

Chic Half-Moon Nails

The chic half-moon nails are an excellent design for anyone who is looking for a simple but effective design. One has a wide range of colors to choose from, meaning one doesn’t have to stick with one color.

Gradient/Zebra Nail

Animal lovers will surely fall for this trendy and unique design. It looks trendy on round nails. For you to get this nail design, your nails need to have a rounded shape. Use a white base polish on the nails. It’s good to go for light colors if you would like the zebra style to look more prominent.

Black, White & Gold

This is a three-colored combo design that looks amazing on round nails. One gets to create numerous styles by combining white, black, and gold polish.

Round nail designs are awesome in a unique way, making them perfect for those who like keeping their nails shorter. One of their advantages is that they will rarely break and can be fixed quickly too. Besides, they are very easy to maintain. All one needs to do is grow the nails straight at their sides and then get the tips filed into a rounded shape.

This process of creating rounded nail designs is similar to other nail designs such as square nail designs. You get to change the square rounded nail. A file is used to shape it so that the nail becomes rounded. Feel free to stop anywhere as long as you have the desired shape and size.

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