Best Commercial Dog Food

Is Your Dog Allergic Or Intolerant?

How you find sthe best commercial dog food, best brand and best quality of dog food is what this page are about.Many factors are important but i will try to highlight most important things to use in the deciding process.

To decide and find the best commercial dog food you have to decide for your self. Sorry, but so many individual factors is important so it is impossible for me to decide “the best food”.

My best dog food would be the best for some, but not all.

But, I will teach you read dog food labels, about good and bad dog food ingredients to avoid and offering valuable tips to find the best commercial dog food suitable for your dog.

The processing method is also important. Some methods will be better than others. You should know some about the food processing methods and how do the different methods affect the nutritional value of the food.

Is Your Dog Allergic Or Intolerant?

If yes then the most important is to find food not containing the allergen. It can be difficult to reading from dog food labels the exact ingredients. You might ask your veterinarian – if he knows!

Often its the protein causing allergy. You can find some special diets containing special protein sources or hydrolysed hypoallergenic diets.

Health Problems

Important as well. Some special diets to use if a special health problem is a concern.

You might have to compromise in order to accept using the diet. Maybe preservative or some of the ingredients used in it you don’t like. Have your goal in front of you. If your dog gets better or stays healthier using it, this would be a heavy argument. It might then be the best commercial dog food for you to use.

Think about risk and benefit. If you have a understanding veterinarian he/she will help you as much as possible.

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Whats The Main Protein Ingredient?

Read the label and see the fat sources. Ingredients listed before the fat is the main ones.

It might no be the first one listed which is the main ingredient. Food labels can be manipulated and it is important you fully how this can be done.

Among these the you can see the main protein source. If you find “Chicken Meat”, “Duck” or “Duck Meal”, “Egg” etc – that’s positive. Even if it is listed as a “Meal” it is OK to use.You should see some “meat source” identified by species that’s important.

If, you see the use of some by product “Chicken By-Product” for example, you rarely find this as the main protein source in best quality dog food.

Some grain or vegetable source without some kind of “species named” meat source is not good sign of high quality. You can see more about this here.

The Fat Source

Essential fats is important. The omega 3 and 6 ratio should be in favor of the former. More omega 3 than omega 6. You can read more on the best ratio between them here.

Animal fat is OK. But, it should have a species name.

Many dog foods high in omega oils is packed in small bags and well protected from oxygen. This is a sign of quality as well.

Using of preservatives protecting the fat is a must. More on this later.

Like protein the fat sources can be of good or bad quality. The list of ingredients will tell.

Best Commercial Dog Food
Dog Food

Grain is much debated.

I don’t know the answer, but if grain is accepted by you, be aware of this; Best quality dog food can have grain but it should be as whole ground grains. Not as fragments as their nutritional value is a lot less compared to whole grains.

Grain is good as a source of carbohydrates. Grain should not be used as a source of protein. In cheaper dog food you see corn gluten or wheat gluten as protein source.

If you want more information about grain free dog food you find it here.


At best dog food do not contain any of the artificial preservatives such as BHA, BHT,Ethoxyquin,Potassium Sorbate or Propyl Gallate On the other hand do not discard a dog food if there is a big advantage to use it according to other factors.

This might be typical veterinary statement but to my knowledge no studies have shown any problems in the concentrations used in dog foods of course the more natural preservatives is better if possible to use. These are Vitamin e (tocopherols), ascorbyl palmitate and ascorbic acid.

Best commercial dog food have no artificial colors or sugar in it as well.

Your dog should like it. Best test is to use it for some time, to see if any health benefits is detectable. Maybe the coat becomes shinier or you dog moves better around, is more playful.

Remember not to make your dog overweight. This is a “killer” and no dog food can be as good to make up for the negative happening being overweight.

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