Best Animal themed slots online 


Animals are a part of our everyday life, whether it be pets or foxes we see roaming the streets at night. Our love affair with animals is just one of the reasons why they make for a great slot theme – check out Gem Rocks Slot.

Animal Theme 

Animal themed slots are an incredibly popular slot theme that players will find at their online casino. It is hard to say what exactly it is about animal themed slots that players find so enticing, animal themed slots cover a wide range. They can feature sweet and innocent dogs or wild and crazed bears. Using animals as a theme is an effective way for developers to elicit an emotional response from players as animals are so easily recognisable. The way animals are depicted can also vary wildly, some are shown in realistic renderings whilst other members of the animal kingdom are depicted in a cartoonish and over the top style. There really is an animal themed slot that suits every mood. 

Best Animal Themed Slots 

The following are considered some of the best animal themed slots available. 

  1. Tornado Farm Escape – Developed by NetEnt, this slot is a humorous depiction of a tornado hitting a farm loaded with animals. Although the premise doesn’t sound very funny, the animals in the game are more than happy to be swept away by the tornado. The titular tornado is a main feature of the game, sweeping across the screen when the player lands two clouds on reels 1 and 5. Symbols are placed and taken away from the reels when this feature is triggered.
  2. Big Bad Wolf – Based on the classic fairytale, this visually stunning slot was developed by QuickSpin. It features a much more realistic take on the characters from the fairy tale, the pigs are rendered in a realistic but fantastical way whilst the background depicts a picturesque scene of a field. 

Why use an Animal themed slot? 

Animal themed slots may be common but that is only because the animal theme is so popular amongst players. There are many reasons why players should use an animal themed slot. 

  •     Easy to recognise. An animal theme tends to be incredibly easy to recognise, in other words players will know exactly what is in store for them. Although the design of animal themed slots will vary, many follow the same sort of tropes. Animals will be featured on the reels, bonuses will be named after some aspect of the titular animals and the background will usually be a picturesque landscape.
  •     Fun designs. One of the best parts about this theme is the way in which different developers depict the animals. Some animals are designed to be as realistic as possible whilst others are as cartoonish as can be. The scenery which depicts the animals habitat is also fun to witness, most developers use beautiful sceneries that will be used for a background but once in a while a slot will have a humorous setting.


Animals are a great basis for a theme, one of the reasons why this theme is popular is due to the high quality of animal themed slots that have been produced.


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