Benefits of Staying in a Holiday Apartment Rental

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering which accommodation option is best for your trip. Should you stay in a holiday apartment rental or in a hotel?

Back in the old days, there weren’t many accommodation options when traveling. It was a hotel, motel, camping or staying at a friend’s house. However, you can’t exactly camp in London or Paris.

Thanks to other accommodation options that have appeared in recent years, travelers can really make the most out of their holidays and have more options that can really enhance any traveler’s experience.

Holiday Apartment Rental Benefits

Flexibility when eating

One of the greatest benefits of staying in a holiday apartment rental is that you get to cook whatever you want or have any type of food delivery straight to your door. When you stay in a hotel and want to dine in, you’re limited to the hotel’s restaurant menu. Which can quickly become boring after a few days?

When you’re staying in a holiday apartment rental it can be a lot easier to eat what you choose and what you want since you have access to a kitchen and a fridge! This is particularly convenient when traveling with babies and children who have a more restrictive diet and eating schedules.

It’s actually also more affordable since you can do your own grocery shopping, instead of wasting your money in eating hotel food for every meal.

More Affordable Than a Hotel

Yes, there are five-star hotels that offer everything you can possibly imagine. Nevertheless, it is important that you think if you`re going to be spending your time in the hotel or outside, discovering the city that you’re visiting.

A holiday apartment rental can be a luxurious accommodation, but it doesn’t have all the little luxurious details that you get charged for. You can even find luxurious and comfortable London apartment rental that is centrally located

Hotels also tend to be priced according to their location. It’s going to be difficult to find an affordable hotel in the city-centre of where you’re visiting.

Holiday vacation rentals become a centric and affordable option for travelers who want to enjoy their accommodation without breaking the bank.

More comfortable

We all want to feel like home when we travel in terms of comfort. We want to explore a new place but at the same time enjoy the comforts that our home provides for us. That’s why it’s common for hotels to use the tag line of “A home away from home”.

But let’s be honest, rarely can one feel at home at a hotel with endless corridors, zillions of door and small rooms and bathrooms. You’re lucky if your hotel room has a minifridge and a coffee machine.

A holiday apartment rental definitely gets closer to home when it comes to amenities that people actually use. Like kitchen appliances, washer, dryer and gadgets that we use on a daily basis. Instead of a gym and an overpriced boutique shop.

More Space

Unless you book a master suite or the presidential suite at a hotel, chances are that your hotel room will be tiny. Especially in major cities like London, Paris, New York or Hong Kong.

When you choose a holiday apartment rental instead, you get more space for your money. It’s very likely that it won’t be the size of Versailles, but you’ll definitely have more space than in a hotel.

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