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The house is the blessing of GOD. We like a particular room in the house which is comfortable and beautiful to live in. The most favorite place where most of us want to spend time is the bedroom. The bedroom is the place where we get a cozy and relaxing sleep. The bedroom is fully furnished and aesthetically at a high level is an addition to your comfort. There are different ways by which you can decorate your bedroom. From time to time, the trends in the bedroom stuff have changed. Among all those stuff, you see beautiful relaxing pillows in the bedroom.

Importance of pillows in interior decoration

There was a time when the pillows were present only in the bedroom. Now in this time, you can see pillows are an integral part of every room in the house. They add beauty to the décor of every room of the house. They are present in the bedroom, drawing room, and TV lounges. As they are used in different rooms of the house, that is the reason they are available in lots of sizes, styles, and shapes.

Types of pillows on the basis of stuff used in manufacturing

Based on the material or stuff used in pillow making, there are different types of pillows.

  • Down pillow
  • Latex pillow
  • Cotton pillow
  • Feather pillow
  • Down alternative
  • Bamboo pillow
  • Gel pillow
  • Foamy pillow
  • Buckwheat pillow
  • Beaded pillow

Categories of the pillow based on comfort

Based on the comfort and support that pillows provided to us, they are of three types:

  • Decorative pillows
  • Bed pillows

The size of the bed pillows is according to the bed size. The size of pillows for queen and king-size beds are usually large than the standard size.

  • Orthopedic or medicated pillows

They are specially designed pillows for patients that feel pain in their neck, vertebral column, and other issues. Most patients find a memory foam, latex, feathery, and buckwheat pillow source of pain reliever. Pillows for these orthopedic patients should be firm and soft. They should keep the head and neck of the patient at a healthy angle.

The pillows changed with time concerning their shape, style, and size. All about vibe is the leading brand which gives you a range of versatile cushions from designer pillow to personalized pillows. They have a stock of simple to stylish pillows according to the customer’s needs and demands. You will see a collection of aesthetically designed pillows on their website.

The pillows are available in different colors and print on both sides with outstanding vibrant artwork. They are the perfect piece of decorating the place and kid-friendly.

Another specialty of their manufactured pillows is every type of stain is easily removed from them. The cushions are easily washed by machine and dryable. They are made from excellent soft polyester velvet fabric.

The varieties they offer in the pillows are unimaginable and infinite. They provide their customer with pillows which we can give as a gift on different occasions such as wedding gift pillow, anniversary, birthday, newborn, making of the new house, zodiac sign pillows and pillows with versatile animals shapes.

Toss or throw pillow

The pillows that are used as a decoration on the bed are called throws or toss pillows. They are used as decoration pieces other than regular pillows. They are small in size and made from a wide variety of textiles. They are made from cotton, linen, silk, leather, microfiber, suede, chenille, and velvet. Their standard size is 16 to 24 inches that are often used.

As we know that different people have different sleeping positions. For these sleeping positions, there are different types of pillows. So, one should select the right one while purchasing.

The people who sleep at their back need a flat pillow that keeps their shoulders and neck in one alignment. The stomach sleepers need no headrest, or they can use a soft pillow to prevent back pain. Pillow should be as thick as the distance between your ear and shoulders.

Softest pillow

One of the softest types of the pillow is the down pillow. They are the gentlest pillows as they are made of bird’s feathers, not quilt. They are the best source of luxury as they are the puffiest and supple pillows. Among the down pillows, the European goose down pillow is the most popular down pillow.

Determining the quality of the pillow

The quality of pillows is determined by their life span. The most average life span of the props is two to four months. The quality of the headrest is checked by the lump formation of the stuff that is filled in it. The other way of checking the quality is by folding it into a different position to see either it comes back to its original form.

Healthiest pillows

Natural latex pillows are the healthiest pillows for sleep. They are healthier, provide the best support, and prove functional for a long-lasting time. They have a striking feature of absorbing moisture and heat regulation. They also prevent the growth of germs such as mold, bacteria.

Types of Pillows for sofas and chair

The pillows which will suit your sofas and chairs in the drawing-room or lounge are of different types and shapes. These pillows add beauty to your room. They are of the following types:

  • Round pillows
  • Square pillows
  • Rectangle pillows
  • Innovative pillows (these custom pillows are made of different shapes and styles according to the customer demand, such as pet shape, photo pillow etc).
  • Bolster pillows (they are long and cylindrical in shape. They are large in size and stiff.)

Arrangement of pillows on the bed

The proper arrangement and keeping the thing in the right place enhance the beauty of your room. The right way of placing the pillows on the bed enlightens the décor of your rooms. The proper arrangement will give an eye-catching look to the people.

The standard pillow arrangement which most people follow is:

  • Place your sleeping pillows which are two in number, against the head of the bed.
  • Place the throws pillows on the front of your sleeping pillows. You can also place it on top of the cushions.

This arrangement will give your bedroom a neat and finished look.


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