Back on Track After Maternity Leave: 8 Do’s and Don’ts to Rock It at Work

Becoming a mother is always exciting, and, usually, it opens up a true state of happiness to a woman. However, the first years of motherhood can be incredibly challenging.

First of all, childbirth is a complicated process, both mentally and physically. Thus, women need lots of support to overcome it without any severe consequences. Later comes full rethinking of the values and responsibilities. During the first year of life, a child takes 100% of the mother’s attention. Finally, there comes a time when you are fully recovered, and it is time to get back to work.

Coming back after maternity leave is exciting and frightening at the same time. Many women are getting used to staying at home so much that getting back on track seems a real challenge to them. How to overcome this and rock it at work? In this article, we are going to share some valuable tips to help every mother handle the challenge!

Returning after a maternity leave probably won’t be easy. However, don’t let the upcoming challenges scare you away! After all, getting back on track is a perfect opportunity to build one’s career, develop, and reach new heights. Besides, these do’s and don’ts will help you make this transition as painless as possible!

Do – Work from Home at First

With the Internet and so many opportunities for online earning, new moms can easily handle their chores while still working and it’s great! We recommend all mothers to consider working from home during and shortly after their maternity leave, as it offers a whole bunch of benefits:

  • It keeps you on track;
  • It allows you to make money from the first days of motherhood without leaving your home;
  • It keeps you organized and gives some personal time as well;
  • It can turn into a full-time remote profession that brings good income;
  • If you decide to get back to the office later, the transition won’t seem that hard.

As you can see, there are plenty of pros! There are also quite many opportunities for remote work. First of all, ask your past employer whether one is comfortable with letting you work from home during maternity leave. This is a perfect option to keep your job and then get back on track with ease!

Also, you can consider alternative options such as freelance. For example, if you are well versed in a particular subject, know what the right book review format is or how to write academic papers, you could make money providing academic help to college students. Also, consider online tutoring, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.

Do – Think of Childcare in Advance

If you are getting back to work, the chances are that you will need some extra childcare help. Thus, we recommend doing a trial run as early as possible!

First of all, this will give you enough time to find the right candidate and share your daily routines with the chosen specialist. Also, inviting a childcare specialist for several times before you leave will let a kid get comfortable with a new person, which will reduce stress.

Do – Return Gradually

If it is okay with your employer, making a gradual return will be much easier. For example, you could start with having a part-time schedule and then get back to regular working hours. Such a method will help in overcoming the challenges of transitioning and make the return painless.

Do – Come Back Midweek

As a rule, the first week in the office after the maternity leave is the toughest. During the first week, most moms are feeling stressed out because they can’t adjust to the new environment and start missing their children.

Thus, the shorter the first week is, the easier it will be to survive it! Many mothers claim that returning in the middle of the week rather than on Monday is much more comfortable. This is a kind of “probation period” before your first full week at the office.

Do – Find Support

Finally, our last tip for the most stress-free return is to get as much support as one can! Find it among family, friends, and, most importantly, other moms.

Feeling their support will help you get through this challenge in a more natural way. The moms who already have been through this can also share some useful tips.

Don’t – Neglect Planning

One of the main things that can help you get through the hard transition from maternity leave is lots of planning! In order to reduce stress, we recommend mothers to plan their daily routines in as many details as possible. This will help you get used to the new rhythm faster.

Don’t – Think of Return as of Something Bad

Many mothers see it as something terrible and challenging, which makes their return even more stressful. We recommend taking the opposite approach. Yes, it might be tough, but as soon as you settle into life as a working mother, it will turn into a significant growth opportunity. Besides, it will definitely get better after some time!

Don’t – Feel Like You Have to Quit

One of the most significant issues with a return to work is a psychological attitude most mothers have. Many feel like they “have to quit,” and this feeling can stay there for months. The only way to overcome this and realize that you are not “leaving” your baby by returning to your career is to work through this issue.

Don’t focus on this and try to be patient. Approach the transition as a new learning curve and maintain positive thinking. Remember – you’ve got this!


Final Words

Returning after maternity leave, most women have lots of emotions. Often, moms are feeling sad, but, at the same time, are happy to get a bit of personal time.

These feelings start conflicting, causing lots of stress. However, your return doesn’t necessarily have to be that stressful! Follow the tips given above to make it smoother and painless, and you will succeed!



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