Baby Rubbing Eyes: Is It A Sign Of Blur Vision?

Is your baby rubbing eyes too often? If the answer is yes then it’s pretty normal for you to get worried but should you be really worrying a lot? Well, Baby Rubbing Eyes A Lot, not necessarily mean it is a sign of blur vision but it also might be. In fact, if you see the tiny fists rubbing their big curious eyes are surely something to tug at your heartstrings.

In general, you will notice that babies rub their eyes when they are sleepy or tired or maybe they are feeling any sort of paid in their eyes because of dust or maybe an eyelash in the eyes. Babies are also prone to allergies and infections as they are really tender so they get affected easily and quickly.

So, whenever you will see your infant rubbing their eyes too often that can be a sign of any of these above. You need to give attention to this so that you can do things that will give them relief from this. They are very tiny so they can not tell anything as such.

Baby Rubbing Eyes: Is It A Sign Of Blur Vision?
Baby Rubbing Eyes: Is It A Sign Of Blur Vision?

Hence, you will have to give them the uttermost attention so that they can stay healthy. Let’s not ado further and get into the point. Check out some of the reasons why they rub their eyes so often!

Why Do Babies Rub Their Eyes?

Are you worried about the matter that baby Keeps Rubbing Eyes? Well, rubbing eyes not always a matter to worry about, and then again, it might be a serious issue. Let’s look into some of the reasons why the do that.

Their eyes might be dry: Their eyes also get too dry just like a grown-up. So, dry eyes might be a reason. There is a tear film covers inside their eyes and evaporates.

If anyhow it gets exposed for a long time period, this can be a major reason creating discomfort due to dryness of the eyes. So, the baby might continuously rub their eyes to get rid of this discomfort. Since you know rubbing eyes frequently create tears and that might bring back the moisture.

They might be feeling sleepy: Rubbing their eyes when they are feeling sleepy, is a natural gesture of babies. But, if the reason is sleep then they will also yawn and you need to notice that. When we are sleepy, our eyes are fatigued and that’s the reason why they rub their eyes continuously. Hence, this indicates they are ready to get a good nap!

There might be something in their eyes: Babies might just rub their eyes continuously if there is something in their eyes that is causing irritation. That might be anything such as an eyelash or dust or dried mucus.

If you think that they are irritated because of this then you should take a wet towel and wipe their eyes and face so that they get relief. Or else you can use cold water to wash their eyes and notice if they have stopped rubbing or not!

Baby Rubbing Eyes: Is It A Sign Of Blur Vision?

They might be curious: You must have noticed that when we close our eyes and rub them, we see patterns and lights on the insides of eyelids. Well, that might be the case with your newbie. They might have just explored this and that is why they are experimenting with that and trying to find out what’s in there. So, there might be nothing to worry about and let them explore all the new patterns.

Itchy Eyes: As we said earlier. Babies are prone to allergies and infections more than you can even imagine. So, if you notice them rubbing their eyes very often you might give attention to it.

However, the basic symptoms are they have swollen or reddish eyes, fever, discharge, fever, and nagging. You may just consult a doctor immediately so that they can get relief.

Hence, these are the reason why they are rubbing eyes and you need to notice the symptoms before getting worried about it. If you keep them under observation for a day, you will possibly understand the reason.

Is Baby Rubbing Eyes Is Implication Of Teething?

Infant Rubbing Eyes: that too frequently is sometimes a matter of panic for parents and we can totally understand that. But is that really has anything to do with rubbing eyes? Well, we need to see the stages of teething first.

However, teething is actually normal for all babies and it happens when their baby teeth come out for the very first time, they lead to a basic discomfort and they feel an unstoppable desire to bite or chew anything and everything.

Although this stage can be certainly different from one baby to another where some babies will cry a lot because of the pain and some of them will just have a mild feeling.

But, if you ask that rubbing eyes anything to do with that or not then the answer would be yes. Doctors have found that babies have a tendency to rub their eyes during this time and it can be considered as one of the symptoms as well.

Are Your Baby Rubbing Face While Sleeping?

Baby Scratch Eye: or rubbing face while sleeping might make you clueless as you have just become a new parent and all of these are very new for you to understand. You might feel that they are having any sort of trouble and it’s the outcome of that and you will find ways to give them relief, it’s quite normal.

Well, there might be a few reasons apart from it’s a natural habit of babies. Let’s find them out!

  • Babies might feel uncomfortable while sleeping and it’s just a way for them to self-soothe. If rubbing fact doesn’t bother their sleep then you need not worry.
  • If your newbie is teething then this might be a symptom as the face rubbing comes with small bumps on the gums and lots of drooling.
  • Since they are tiny and tender, they can not express their feelings so if they are feeling too hot then they can do that while sleeping.
  • Another reason could be itchiness and that can come from anything like soap or oil. So, you need to consult a doctor in that case.

Why Do Babies Scratch Their Face?

Baby Scratched Eye: is as normal as they scratch their face. Newbies have very little control over their hands and that’s why they don’t feel that they are eventually hurting themselves anyway. So, there is nothing to worry about rather you can do things that will keep them safe.

You should keep their nails trimmed so that they do not get hurt by their nails. However, you should be keeping an eye on them always so that you can keep them safe.

Baby Rubbing Eyes: Is It A Sign Of Blur Vision?
Baby Rubbing Eyes: Is It A Sign Of Blur Vision?
Baby Rubbing Eyes: Is It A Sign Of Blur Vision?Discussion
Why Do Babies Rub Their Eyes?There might be so many reasons and we have discussed them in this article.
Is Baby Rubbing Eyes Is Implication Of Teething?Well, according to the doctors this is a symptom of teething.
Are Your Baby Rubbing Face While Sleeping?If even they are doing so, there is nothing to worry about.
Why Do Babies Scratch Their Face?They might be scratching their face for many reasons.


You do not need to worry about anything and everything but, of course, you need to keep an eye on your baby always. They will do a lot of things as they are learning new tactics so you should just take all the precautions from your end.

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