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why does my nose piercing smell
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Why Does My Nose Piercing Smell? Causes and Treatment

Actually, what you’re smelling is a strong mixture of bacteria, skin oils, and sebum, a substance that your skin naturally secretes. You get what’s known as “piercing funk” in the piercing community when it’s combined with sweat and daily activity. On the jewellery in question, this “funk” will appear as a white crust or paste-like …

6 interesting nails facts

6 Interesting Nails Facts You Need To Know

Internet influencers are going crazy over decorating the tiniest possible part of the body- nails! But, before you hop onto any fashionista trends, are you aware of the fact that Men’s nails grow faster than women’s nails or that toenails could be twice as thicker as fingernails? Well, we have got you some intriguing and …