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Hair Care

Ditch Some Of Those Nasty Chemicals Choose Safer More Natural Hair Color

Have you been searching for a more natural hair color product? I have and it has often been a frustrating and sometimes painful experience. I am looking for a safer product but I am also sensitive to some hair dye ingredients and using the wrong product can cause a nasty reaction. I have tried and …


Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural Dark Brown Review

Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural Hair Color I tried Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural Dark Brown after some severe scalp reactions to permanent hair dyes. (Both salon and drugstore) After three attemps to cover a minimal amount of gray, I gave up on the chemical hair baths. An irritated scalp and brittle hair sent me …

Eco Friendly

Did You Know Organic Underwear Could Look This Good?

What is your first thought when you hear organic underwear? Those oldies with no bright colors, no sexy fit with elastic on the top and bottom, unbleached cotton, boring, no style, granny panties maybe? Well, you would have been right a while back but not anymore. Now, we are talking about thongs, colors and even …