Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural Dark Brown Review

Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural Hair Color

I tried Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural Dark Brown after some severe scalp reactions to permanent hair dyes. (Both salon and drugstore) After three attemps to cover a minimal amount of gray, I gave up on the chemical hair baths. An irritated scalp and brittle hair sent me on a quest for something more gentle.

I tried Aubrey, since I have enjoyed their products for many years. The application of hair paste is somewhat messy, but yields beautiful results. My hair is now a gorgeous multicolored brown. Grays are blended in just fine. I highly recommend this product. Aubrey customer service can answer any questions you may have.

Editor’s note:

Aubrey Organics offers a very natural hair color. The ingredient list is very simple.

INGREDIENTS: Indigofera tinctoria, Lawsonia inermis alba, Emblica officinalis, Eclipta alba, Acacia cathechu.

These ingredients are all plants making this a very safe product and Aubrey Organics never performs animal testing.

Unfortunately, there are only two colors available: Color Me Natural Dark Brown and Color Me Natural Mahogany. And the company does suggest that if your hair is more than 20% gray that you contact them for special instructions.

For other great choices for safer and more natural hair color visit natural hair color.

Aubrey Organics Hair Color = Great!

by Mare
(Dallas, TX)

I’ve been looking for a completely natural, chemical- and cruelty-free hair color for some time. I tried natural henna and Surya powder and, while they had no odor/chemicals, they didn’t really color my hair well. I’d get lots of shine, but no color (not even a temporary difference).

I tried Aubrey Organics in dark brown, even though my hair is light brown/auburn, because I’d read reviews stating that it’s not as dark as the box states. First, I must say that it was pretty easy to use, there was NO chemical smell, it’s COMPLETELY natural (I hate those companies who tout their “natural” products only to see a few herbs tossed into a cornucopia of toxic chemicals), and it actually worked!

It covered all of my grays (I have about 10% gray) and the rest of my hair pretty evenly. Actually, the grays look more like light brown highlights. 🙂 I used this 2 weeks ago and the color has really lasted. The only downside is that it is REALLY dark brown, much too dark for my skin tone. I’d love to find a natural hair color that gives a lighter tone.

One more thing – my hair was really stiff and “straw-like” after rinsing. I’d recommend slathering conditioner (I use Desert Essence coconut conditioner and/or Aubrey Organics island spice) at least once, perhaps twice during the rinse process. I found it not only softened and de-tangled my post-color hair, but it really helped rinse out the last bits of color.

I’d use it again, but only if they make a lighter color option. 🙂

Aubrey Organics hair color is superb! FIVE STARS

Unlike Rainbow, Aubrey Organics ingredients are listed on the package and are safe to use. No mystery. The results were outstanding, covering grey in a soft subtle way, making my hair look artfully highlighted. The texture was improved, as well. Customer service was available and responsive to my questions. I used the dark brown.


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