Apple Cider Lipsense Review

Introduction and Packaging

Apple cider by lipsense is a lip color that is very light and glossy and provides a lighter yet long-lasting effect to go along with your day to day professional and casual look. The packaging is product friendly as it came in a zip lock package and the product was unharmed and intact when delivered.


The undertone lipsense matte lipstick consists of some exclusively chosen ingredients which don’t make your lips caked with makeup but give a glossy and tainted finish. The smell and texture of the apple cider lipsense color will give you a titillating satisfaction after usage. The apple cider lipsense lipstick will leave your lips smooth and give a natural nude taint.

Price and Availability

The lipsense lipstick is available for delivery in US and estimated to be delivered in a week. Apart from being really alluring this lip color will also not burn a hole in your pocket as it is available for $26.66 (excluding the delivery charges) if  you want to try some light shade lip color which is close to your natural lip color you can try this.

Personal Experience

I ordered this lipsense lip color as I was very annoyed by the cosmetics that left a greasy effect on my mouth and made my look very caked and artificial, I was therefore in dire need of some natural looking gloss-tint lip color which I finally concluded in Lipsense Apple Cider lip color.

This lip color comes in a very attractive packaging that includes a zip lock package and a tube in which the liquid gloss is stored with an applicator brush. The Lipsense Lip color can be customized as per your requirement as you can apply coats to get a darker shade of the same color. This particular quality appealed to me the most as it makes the lip color multipurpose for a casual and formal look.

The Lipsense Lip color is smudge proof and water proof too, it lasts up to 18 hours and that too without a hint of smudge. This made it an appropriate choice as I wore it daily to my office and it went really well with my office outfits. The lipsense apple cider lip color is very close to the natural color of my lips and hence gave them a much required airy and nude shade.

The quantity provided in lipsense apple cider lip color is appropriate to be used daily for a month and a half; my lip color lasted for about 55 days as I used it on daily basis. I applied this lip color generously everyday to my workplace.

Overall I can say that lipsense lip color can make an apt choice for women who are looking for some light and glossy makeup for themselves and it is also very easy to be carried around. My experience with the lipsense lip color was nearly perfect as it turned out to be what I expected. The only problem that I faced was the removal of this lip color as it left a greasy effect on my lips after removal which lasted for some time.

Final Verdict

I can conclude by saying that lipsense lip color can turn out to be an apt choice for girls and women who want their make up to be intact entire day and who cannot make time for touch-ups as this smudge proof lipstick provides a natural tinted glow to your lips. I would suggest this lipsense apple cider lip color to women who are tired of heavy and weighted make up and are looking for some weightless and airy substitute.


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