Anti-Aging Tips For Women: Before And After

It’s never too late to start treating your skin right. If you’re in your teens or 20s, you should already be working on preventing skin aging. In your 30s and 40s, it’s all about maintaining a skincare routine and establishing good self-care habits.

But if you’re already in your 60s or 70s, don’t worry. There are still ways to diminish or reverse existing signs of skin aging and get that naturally ageless look we all dream of.

We can’t stop the clock but we can offer these tips on preventing and reversing the signs of aging:

Before you start seeing the signs of aging

  • Wear sunscreen

No matter what season it is or whether or not it’s sunny outside, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you head out. Putting on sunscreen should be as instinctive to you as brushing your teeth.

Doctors recommend wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 for your body and 50 for your face. If you’re going for a swim, check that your sunscreen is water-resistant. Sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide are the best and most natural option.

  • Use antioxidants

In your teens, a skin care routine consisting of cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen will suffice. In your 20s, you should begin using skincare products with antioxidants to fight the free radicals that trigger skin aging. Look for antioxidant-rich ingredients like green tea, grape seed extract, and vitamins A, C, and E.

  • Don’t smoke

It should go without saying that you if want good skin, you shouldn’t smoke. Aside from damaging your lungs, heart, and many other organs, smoking also ruins your skin.

Smoking robs your skin of oxygen and nutrients. It hastens the breakdown of collagen and elastin, causing your skin to sag prematurely. Smoking also leads to the formation of wrinkles around your mouth, giving you the so-called smoker’s face.

  • Control your weight

Young women tend to go on periods of “yo-yo” dieting, where they get on a new fad diet, stick with it for a bit, and then abandon it, only to begin a new type of diet when inspiration next strikes. This is really bad for your skin because when you lose and gain weight rapidly and repeatedly, you stretch your skin and max out its elasticity so much that it begins to sag.

After you see the signs of aging

  • Use a product with retinoid or retinol

Retinoids are known for helping skin look younger and more elastic. They can smoothen your skin tone, help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and diminish dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Talk to your dermatologist about which retinoid product is best for your skin.

  • Stay active

The older we get, the more energy, time, and discipline it takes to stay physically active. But if we’re being honest, we know that exercising is one of the things we need to do in order to look and feel younger. Try to get in at least 30 minutes of movement every day. Walk, do Pilates or yoga, hike, or ride bikes.

  • Nourish your skin from the inside

Not even the most expensive moisturizer in the world will give you good skin if you’re not taking care of it from within. Our skin needs lots of water and nutrients from a balanced diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as supplements that help boost your body’s collagen production.

  • Take fish oil

The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil help your skin look supple by boosting hydration, regulating oil production, and delaying the onset of wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. Aside from benefiting your skin, fish oil also helps improve your immune function and heart health.

  • Try human growth hormone (HGH)

The levels of human growth hormone in our bodies start to decline when we are in our 20s. A deficiency in human growth hormone can cause dry skin, wrinkles, thinning hair, decreased muscle mass, osteoporosis, and increased belly fat.

HGH therapy can help women diminish the signs of skin aging by improving the elasticity of the skin and correcting the body fat ratio.

You can use HGH before and after you see the signs of skin aging. Even if your wrinkles seem to have settled in and your skin pigmentation deepened, it’s not too late to reduce their appearance or completely get rid of them. If you want to learn more about how human growth hormone can help you reverse the signs of aging, check this site.


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