Android Best Video Calling Apps

Android Best Video Calling Apps

Over the years, the internet has grown. Communication is way simple than it was before. One can communicate with family and friends without any difficulties. You can communicate with people that are far away from you through a video call. You do not have to use a specific video app for communication since there are varieties. It is a better option because not everyone is fun of texting.

The best thing is that you will have a chance to see the people you communicate one on one. Video calls have also been of great help to many businesses around the globe. Many video apps can help you and make conversing fun. You can check out academic writing services for more content on the best android video calling apps.


The quality of video matters. Viber gives the best of the best. It is used by over one billion users around the world that also assures you that it is convenient. Some people prefer audio calls to video calls. It is not a problem since it supports both. You can also use the app to call other people that do not use the Viber app but at a small cost.


The app makes you communicate with anyone you want. Many people prefer it and are one of the best video calling apps. Who does not love HD quality, skype provides its users with that. It is of great advantage since people can have group calls of not more than 24 people. As long as you have the internet, making calls is at a free cost. You can call to landlines and people who do not use the app at a low price.

Android Best Video Calling Apps
Android Best Video Calling Apps


It is one of the simplest apps to use. Video calling with Whatsapp is way easier than you think. Many people use the app around the world for communication. The good thing about it is it can hold a group call of 8 members. If you are not a fan of video calls, audio calls are also available in this app. You can also converse through text messages.

Google Duo

It is among the simplest apps to use. It makes you connect with people that matter to you. Even if you are in another country or continent, it makes communication easier and fast. It also provides users with the best quality video call. Great lighting is not mandatory since it supports low light, and gives the best. For a group video call, you can connect with 12 people. It is a good number.


For quality calls, the line is the app to use. It is one of the best apps for video calls. You can call anyone at any time through video calls for any amount of time. Without any charges, you can connect with 200 people at once. The best part is the available filtering. It leads to comfort. It supports international voice calls and a timeline that allows you to post at any particular time. It is very co convenient and can help in many different ways apart from video calls.


Messenger helps connect with people all over the world. Very convenient for android users and has good quality. Brings the people you love closer to you through video calls. Group video call is also available to 8 users at the same time. Apart from leisure calls, it is convenient for business calls. People using the app can send as many messages they want at any time they want. For a good time, Messenger is a good option.


It gives the fastest video calls. For sufficient stability, IMO is the app to use. It will help you connect to people close to you. It is a good option for people who love group calls since it calls hold up to 200 users. It requires the internet for the best quality video calls. You do not have to stress if you want to set a meeting, IMO got you. People using the app can match different people and become friends.


It helps you connect with family and friends without any difficulty. KakaoTalk provides the best quality video calls at any time. You can make group chats without any problems since it is efficient. It gives its users the best experience.


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