Amazing Uses For Breastmilk That You Never Knew

Uses For Breastmilk

Being a mother you obviously know the good health benefits of breast milk and how it boosts your baby’s immunity. But do you know the Uses For Breastmilk? To be honest, most of the mothers do not know that they can make the breastmilk useful for so many things they can not even imagine.

Baby’s goopy eyes are quite normal and you must have noticed that in your baby as well. You will be amazed to know that breastmilk can actually treat so many things starting from baby’s sore eyes to your sore nipples. According to reasearch, one drop of breast milk contains one million white blood cells and their main job is to fight germs.

Healing Properties Of Breastmilk

Now, you know why people rely on breast milk and that is for nothing but Healing Properties Of Breastmilk. It can be used as both cosmetical as well as medicinal. When you just become a mother, you have a handful of breastmilk and that can be your perfect one-stop solution for so many reasons.

However, home remedies are better to be followed for the newborn and of course, the mother as well. It would be better if you do not use any sort of chemical-based product or something and stick to the natural remedies. Let’s explore the usages of breastmilk.

Alternative Uses For Breastmilk:

There are so many Other Uses For Breastmilk apart from feeding your baby. Of course, feeding your baby comes first but you can use it in a hell lot of things and get help.

Make some cheese: with breastmilk
  • Make some cheese:
    Well, you must know that cheese is being produced by different kinds of milk including, goat, cow, and sheep. You will be surprised to know that cheese can be produced by human milk too. There are plenty of tutorials available such as You can follow it step by step in order to get the perfect result.
Use it on your baby to heal diaper rash
  • Use it on your baby to heal diaper rash:
    You must be worried about the diaper rash that your baby has started to get and finding the natural way to cure those. Breast milk contains white blood cells as well as moisturizer properties and it will speed up the healing process. You can simply rub the breast milk on your baby’s affected area and let it dry before rediapering. You can follow this for a few days to see the result.
breastmilk for teething
  • Teething:
    Are you baby in pain because of the teething? Well, this is something very natural and you can not do anything to make the pain go away but of course, you can soothe the pain. You can simply pour the milk in a popsicle mold and let it freeze. When your baby will cry, you can simply give the popsicle to them for nutritional soothing.
Treat your post C Section Acne with breastmilk
  • Treat your post C Section Acne:
    According to the research, a basic component of breast milk is lauric acid and we already know that lauric acid has acne-fighting qualities. You can simply dab dab dab the breastmilk on the pimples of your face along with some coconut oil and let it air dry. You can even wash your face with breastmilk to prevent breakout, if only you have breakout-prone skin.

These are some of the ways that you can follow and utilize your breastmilk, do not let it get wasted. However, not only cheese, you can even make butter out of your breastmilk, and for making that, you can simply follow this tutorial

Breast Milk In Eye:

Breast Milk For Eye Infection or eye discharge, do you know how it works? Well, it is found very common among newborns to get eye discharge because of blocked tear ducts. However, most of the time they can be resolved on their own but they can also lead to infections and you should take care of that.

Breast Milk For Eye Infection

First of all, you should be cleaning the eye area every day with a clean cotton pad or cloth but if you see any sort of difficulties, you are suggested to immediately use a few drops of breastmilk on the affected eye. You can do this a few times in a day as needed.

It will positively lead to a great result in a short time span. Although, you might consult your doctor as well before doing that. As far as it is a home remedy it will bring only good results.

What Is Breast Milk Good For?

Breast milk is good for so many things literally. You can make cheese or butter or even use it for treating health issues. It can work as a natural remedy, isn’t it amazing?

We have already discussed How to treat eye infection but do you know that breastmilk can be used to treat ear infection as well? An ear infection is very common among babies especially during 6-18 months and since they are gentle it’s better to avoid medicine at first. You can simply put a few drops of breastmilk at the entrance of their ear and repeat it for a few hours. You will definitely get to see a good result.

Breast Milk Cures:

A stuffy nose:

Breast Milk Cures: A stuffy nose

A stuffy nose can be cured with the help and of course the proper application of breastmilk. If your baby is having a stuffy nose and couldn’t breathe properly, you should immediately put some drops of breastmilk in their nose. They will easily recognize the taste of breast milk so they won’t feel disturbed.

Breastmilk will work as a nasal aspirator and clear up all the mucus to relieve congestion in your baby. Breastmilk has some high infective properties that will help to clear up their nose.

Breast Milk For Skin:

Breast Milk Face Mask.

You already know that breastmilk can help you to get rid of post-c-section acne and you will be glad to know that you can use breastmilk in so many other ways including Breast Milk Face Mask. To make a great mask with breastmilk, you need just an extra product which is, bentonite clay which you can get in any nearby store.

You need to mix the clay along with your breastmilk and make a thick paste. Once, the paste is ready, you need to apply it evenly on your whole face and neck and let it pat dry. You can leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it with clean water. You can apply this mark two or three days a week to stay away from impurities.

Pink Eye Breast Milk:

Pink Eye Breast Milk:

Pink eye is a condition caused a bacterial. While you will not find any proper medicine for this condition of your eye there breastmilk can have your back. According to the reports, the anti-bacterial properties in white blood cells will help to cure this eye condition and it will work effectively against the bacteria.

If you see that, the pink eye condition is not going away then you are suggested to consult your doctor immediately.

Breast Milk For Conjunctivitis:

Breast Milk For Conjunctivitis:

The same bacteria cause eye infection is most likely to be the reason behind conjunctivitis. We have already discussed that breast milk can help in eye infection and it can be effective against conjunctivitis as well. So, you might try once. But, according to the studies, most of the time breast milk will not probably treat conjunctivitis so you should better notice for a few hours and if you do not see any further improvement, you should visit your doctor as early as possible.

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Breast Milk For Cradle Cap:

Breast Milk For Cradle Cap:

Cradle cap is common among newbies and you should not worry too much about it especially when you have the solution right in front. Breast milk is no doubt, a great way to say goodbye to bacteria and you can take help for this too. Simply after breastfeeding, you can apply two drops of your baby’s scalp and rub it gently. After that, you should let it dry and you will see how faster they have recovered.

According to the mothers, they have seen speedy cure after applying breastmilk on their baby’s cradle cap, you can try that too. Home remedies are always the best option before you are going for any medical option and you should try that first!

Breast Milk For Eczema:

Breast Milk For Eczema:

The calming power of breast milk is known for being the best option for so many things. If you or your baby is suffering from eczema then you should use breast milk to clear that up. You can simply rub the milk on the affected area and see the magic! You will soon get rid of that red, swollen, and itchy skin and enjoy your supple soft skin again.

What To Do With Extra Breast Milk?

If you are still wondering what exactly you can do with your extra breastmilk then make some cheese out of it. Well, there is not only cheese but so many Breast Milk Recipes available online and we will be sharing some of them too.

 breastmilk Pancakes:
  • Pancakes:
    Yes, you can make pancakes using breastmilk and you already know that pancake is a popular breakfast recipe. When your baby will stop feeding breastmilk, you can simply make them pancakes.
breast milk banana ice cream
  • Banana Ice Cream:
    Who doesn’t love ice-cream? We all do especially kids drool over ice creams and you can use this for feeding breastmilk. You already know how breastmilk can soothe the teething pain, you can simply make a banana ice cream and give it to them when they will be in pain.
breastmilk Fruity Popsicles:
  • Fruity Popsicles: You need to give them popsicles when they will be crying because of teething pain, what if you make it a bit fruity? You can always be creative with your recipes and make the popsicles a bit more tasty and sweet for your toddler so that they can forget the pain and enjoy the taste!
breastmilk Yogurt:
  • Yogurt:
    You can make yogourt with breastmilk and then garnish it with cinnamon or garnished fruits to make it look delicious. Kids are generally attracted to colorful food items so you should keep it in mind while making food for them. A bowl of yogourt contains so much goodness.

You will find the recipes on Youtube and simply note down the other ingredients and start with the cooking.

Amazing Uses For Breastmilk That You Never KnewDiscussion
Alternative Uses For BreastmilkWe have discussed a few alternative uses in this article.
Breast Milk In EyeIt helps to cure any sort of eye infection.
What Is Breast Milk Good For?It is good for so many things, we have made a list in this article.
Breast Milk CuresIt has anti-bacterial properties, it helps in healing.
Breast Milk For SkinBreast milk is so gentle on the skin and good as well.
Pink Eye Breast MilkThis is a type of eye infection that can be cured by breastmilk.
Breast Milk For ConjunctivitisIt can not help in this condition, but you can try.
Breast Milk For Cradle CapYou can simply rub a few drops on the affected area and see the magic.
Breast Milk For EczemaIt helps to cure, we have discussed it in this article.
What To Do With Extra Breast Milk?You can try different recipes and we have mentioned a few of them.


Breast milk is filled with so many benefits and natural goodness so you should never waste it, no matter what. You can always do better with this. Starting from face pack to moisturizer, cream, exfoliant, you can literally make everything out of it. And of course, the anti-bacterial part you already know and how it helps to cure so many things in a natural way. Hence, you should never ever take anything for granted, especially breastmilk.

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