CBD oil has become a popular medicinal compound in the past few years. While using CBD has been made a controversial subject by adding in myths to facts and representing it in a certain way, people now realize how useful CBD can be. To many, it may look like the compound that comes from marijuana, which is popular for its recreational use that gets people high. However, CBD is not the reason why people get ‘high’ upon taking marijuana. It’s another compound called THC that resembles the molecular structure of CBD. However, CBD does not exhibit the “getting high” property like THC.

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This is why people, as well as scientists, are so interested in CBD today. In order to make sure you have a CBD product that does not contain THC, look for one that has been extracted from hemp. Hemp contains only traces of THC. Moreover, CBD products that contain less than 0.3% of THC are safe to consume. Now that you know so much, there is a confusing part. Why are there so many forms of CBD- CBD oil, CBD oil capsules, gummies, edibles, vape juices, etc? And, does it make a difference when you have a different product? Keeping these two questions in mind, let’s see what is different about CBD oil capsules and how you can use it.


To put it in the simplest way, CBD capsules are a form that contains a certain amount of CBD oil in them. There isn’t any difference between CBD capsules and regular CBD oil in terms of quality or grade of CBD oil used. All that differs is the way you administer the CBD oil and CBD capsules. While you can add the CBD oil to your food or even swallow a drop or two, CBD capsules are taken with water.


Answering this question, the only reason why some people prefer to take CBD oil capsules over CBD oil is for how convenient it is to administer the capsules. Many people don’t like CBD oil for the bitter taste it has. When you orally administer CBD oil, it takes a little getting used to the taste, smell, and flavor of it. However, if that’s too uncomfortable for you, all you have to do is pop the CBD capsules. Pretty much like any other capsulated supplement, CBD capsules also have no taste. You take it with water, and as the capsule reaches the digestive system, the CBD oil is released.

Moreover, CBD capsules are easy to administer anywhere, and on the go. All you need is water and capsules. You won’t get any weird taste when you have it, unlike in the case of CBD oil. CBD capsules are especially convenient for those who travel frequently and can’t always administer CBD oil. It’s also great for people who fail to administer the same amount of CBD oil each time which creates variations in the doses. CBD capsules are easy to administer in terms of doses. If you know you need 2 capsules, you can just have two capsules without needing to measure anything.


If you wonder what the health benefits of CBD capsules are, they are the same as CBD oil or any other form of CBD. This is quite obvious since all these forms of CBD oil contain CBD. In addition, the health benefits that are delivered are from CBD. However, for the sake of being exact, CBD oil capsules help in managing pain, anxiety, inflammation, sleep problems, seizures, etc.

One little thing to take note of is that CBD oil capsules work best for long-term problems. For instance, if you suffer from anxiety and pain, you need quick action. However, for seizures and IBS, you need a consistent solution. CBD oil released from CBD capsules stays in the bloodstream for the longest time despite taking more time to act. So, you can expect it to provide great relief even if you have to wait a little bit more.

That was everything about CBD capsules and why you should take CBD capsules. If you’re a beginner, look for CBD capsules that have a low concentration of CBD in them. Don’t try to mimic anyone else’s doses. Since you wouldn’t know how sensitive you would be to CBD, it’s better to do a little trial and error and start with low doses rather than taking an immediate dive.

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