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I have been trying to find an all natural hair color that will add shine and cover a few grays. Henna was very messy to apply and rinse off and it didn’t cover any gray, so I decided to try Advanced Cosmetic’s “permanent hair color”. It was much easier to apply, but nearly impossible to rinse out. The directions tell you to rinse until the water runs clear. I did that, several times and there is still product stuck in my hair. I have washed it out 5 times using a comb to try to rake it through. It may be more difficult for me because I have curly hair, but after 5 washes, it is still not completely out. My hair feels stiff and straw like. I do not recommend this product.


Thanks Annie for writing about your experience with Advanced Cosmetics Technologies Natural Hair Color. It’s a shame you did not experience good results.

The ingredients for this product sound great. They are 100% plant based so it is is minus all the problem ingredients like ppd, resorcinol, ammonia, parabens etc. This is a deposit only product so it will not lighten hair color.

The coloring kit comes with a two part hair color system, stain blocker and applicator bottle with comb top. They have a video on their site that shows application by first applying bottle one first to roots and then all over and adding heat. It is shown being used in a salon so unless you have an at home hair dryer you will have to improvise with a blow dryer.

Leave on for 5 minutes then apply second product and heat for 10 minutes then allow product to set for 25 more minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition. They also provide a semi permanent shampoo and conditioning kit plus a color fixative kit.

As I researched Advanced Cosmetics Technologies on 12/11 I noticed that all reviews I found dated back to 2008-2009. Even visiting their facebook page turned up very little as it appears to not have been updated since 2010 which has me wondering.

Despite the negative review and with so little to go on I plan on ordering this product to check it out. I will keep you informed about the results.

In the meantime, check out a product that is similar to this one and also contains very safe
ingredients. It’s called Palette by Nature. You can read about it and see my review of it on natural hair color.

Comments for Advanced Cosmetic Technologies Natural Hair Color

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Did not like this product at all
by: Anonymous 

I ordered the the dark brown haircolor. After a lengthy messy process of putting the haircolor on and blowdrying for nearly an hour, the color turned my hair black. All except for the grey that is. It did not even begin to cover. I have washed my hair several times and the color is still not out. My hands turn black when I attempt to style my hair which feels like straw. I can not wait until this color is out of my hair. I will definately go back to ecocolors. Although not 100% all natural it is non toxic and it does the job.

Rip Off
by: Anonymous 

I never received this. I ordered it and waited over a month. I e-mailed and called them several times and never got a response from anyone. My credit card was charged immediately, but I never received anything.

I never received the product.
by: Anonymous 

I live in United states and would expect to get the product in a week, but they charged my credit card right away, but I never received the package. I left phone message and sent several emails but did not get any response. I do not recommend purchase this hair color product.

by: Anonymous 

I have been waiting for this product to arrive for over 2 months, i might live in England but two months come on! shame they weren’t as quick to deliver as they were taking my money out of my account!

Doesn’t cover gray at all
by: Anonymous 

I tried the dark brown and it came out blacker than black. I finally got it toned down with lemon juice and deep conditioner mixed together and left on for an hour. Further, it didn’t cover grays at all, and holding a hairdryer on my hair for almost an hour was not too fun. The two-part process can be a little tricky because once you have the first part applied and your head is wet it is hard to tell where you applied the second product to make sure you have the right coverage. I didn’t find it particularly messy and the stuff to remove color from your skin worked fine on me. But if it won’t cover my gray, there is no point in using it. The product smells great, no chemical smell. It smelled like black cherry.

Love it!
by: Anonymous 

I have been using this product for quite a while now and I love it. I use one of the darker colors but not the darkest by any means and it comes out perfectly. I’ve never had any problem with rinsing the color out during the whole process and my hair feels so good after coloring with it. It lasts me like a month and a half and then my roots start showing and I redo it. It works great for me and I’ve been a chemical hair dye user for the better part of 15 years and will never go back.

Don’t Buy Act Naturals
by: Sarah Michel 

I tried Act Naturals permanent colour because I don’t want to dump Clairol and L’Oreal chemicals on my head. But the stuff was terrible. In spite of the Stain Guard they give you, it makes an awful mess. Nor does it rinse out. I stood under the shower for over 20 minutes and when I toweled my hair, the stuff came off on the towel. It didn’t cover the grey, either. I would NEVER buy this product again or recommend it to anyone. It’s messy, time-consuming and it doesn’t work, even if you follow the instructions to the letter, as I did.

by: Crystal 

Very messy to apply. Left purple stains on my scalp. I bought the light brown color and it turned my hair BLACK! Very black. This stuff made my hair feel very stiff. It is very difficult to rinse out. i had to wash my hair with shampoo 5 times to get the water to rinse through my hair clear. My bath tub was stained purple. It came off after lots of scrubbing. My main complaint though is that my hair came out black. So I went to the store and bought a box of feria to lighten it since 5 shampoos didnt lighten it at all and I am not walking around with black hair when I wanted light brown. I won’t be buying this again!

I do not understand the comments above
by: Anonymous 

My experience is the opposite. I have been using it for 3 months and I am very pleased. The application instructions are differant and may need to be clarified. I found the staff very helpful in this respect. The color was easy to wash out with vinegar if needed. Much better than Henna. My allergies went away. I am so pleased with the result.

by: Anonymous 

This left my scalp orange and black, my hair like straw, and it didn’t cover the gray… and the worst part – after a week and 5 shampoos – when my hair is wet it still SMELLS HORRIBLE. I was really hoping this was going to be a good one but the search continues

Awful Product
by: Jen 

I had the exact same experience. And it stains your scalp. So your scalp (in my case w/medium brown), looks like I took a Sharpie to it. And the texture is freakishly weird. It’s like my hair’s been drenched in caramel and this is the best I could do to get it out. AND the main thing…did not even cover my grays (I’m only 15 percent) even though I followed the special instructions. Avoid at all costs.


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