A Total Gym GTS Review


 The overall best commercial-grade exercise machine used in health clubs, fitness studios, and physical therapy facilities is the Total Gym GTS (Gravity Training System). The Complete Gym GTS model is the best home gym workout, hands down. Therefore, it enables you to perform multiple exercises, removing the need to acquire a separate fitness machine. The equipment is adequate to give you a complete workout for your body.

A Total Gym GTS Review

 The GTS is a professional-grade machine typically used in rehabilitation facilities, Total Gym says. A closer glance at the Total Gym’s websites reveals that the device is capable of over 200 exercises. Accessories such as gliding rail boards help make it easy to carry out. By modifying the gliding rail, you can raise or decrease resistance, making it lighter and more compact than average weight machines.

 Features and Specifications

 If the best of the best is what you want, then GTS is for you. Here is a rundown of what can be achieved by Total Gym GTS. This is where you will have an opportunity to determine if the GTS features are worth your investment.

  • Enable more than 200 different exercises to be done.
  • It consists of 22 different resistance level settings to help you find the optimal level for each exercise you perform.
  • A hydraulic rail lift that makes it simpler and easier to use is included.
  • The GTS features a plyometric jumping automatic rail lock.
  • To maintain support and comfort while you work out, it has a padded glide board.
  • The model has a maximum weight capacity of up to 650 pounds for consumers.
  • GTS is more compact as it takes up less room when folded about 38 inches wide, 20 inches long, and 56 inches high in your house. It measures up to 38 inches tall, 107 inches long, and 69 inches high when unfolded. 


 The average levels of resistance used in a standard gym model are between 16 and 12. There are 22 different degrees of resistance to the GTS model. The glide board’s height and the gravity on your body in each resistance position decide its resistance level. This is perfect for those seeking to target a particular body part or muscle with injuries or chronic pain that they couldn’t target as directly. 

 The Total Gym GTS is well known for its very foundation of gravity’s mechanism that pits the musculature and central nervous system predominantly against itself rather than merely mechanical resistance. In the fitness industry, this technique has sparked an entire trend or revolution.

 It’s easier than ever to progressively raise your workouts’ strength with so many resistance choices without having to make a giant leap when you are ready to increase resistance. When your body is prepared, 22 different resistance rates calculate a smoother transition into more challenging workouts. The GTS has a hydraulic assist, making it soft and quick to make resistance adjustments. 

 Pros and Cons 

 Total Gym’s highest-end model is the GTS. As you would find in a rehabilitation clinic or small Gym, it is built to withstand everyday use stresses by multiple users. For those looking for an advanced home gym, however, it will fit just as well.


  • Offers an impressive selection of workouts
  • Can be used for Plyometric activities 
  • Has 22 distinct degrees of resistance
  • Made up of a lot of accessories
  • Workout DVD and fitness guide included,
  • Incorporated competent assembly
  • Weight power of ~650lb
  • Foldable when not in use


  • Relatively costly
  • Includes a mediocre guarantee


  • More attachments come with the GTS version than any other model. They contain as follows:
  • Lat bars with soft grip: They fold in and out of place to allow you to do the pull-ups and are simple to use.
  • Press bar: the bottom rails of the GTS are connected. It allows the military-style press or shoulder press to target the upper back, shoulders, and triceps with narrow ergonomic grips.
  • Squat handlebar: Provides improved glide board stability and power during squats.
  • Telescoping squat stand: adjusts to three settings in height, folds during storage compactly against the glide board.
  • Scrunch: serves as the GTS ab cruncher and encourages abdominal exercises, lengthens, and sculpts abdominal and oblique muscles for easy to advanced progression.
  • Retractable dip bars: offers specificity for dips targeted at strength and conditioning triceps and pectorals.
  • Three grip pull-up bar: 3 different positions promote pull-ups; big, narrow, and hammer grip.
  • Weight bar: slides through the glide board to raise the workload to apply extra weight.
  • Arm pulley system: responsible for controlling the engine drive belts and tensioning them.
  • Adjustable squat stand: allows legs to be reinforced for multiple squats.


 The most impressive home unit by far is the Total Gym GTS. It provides a mind-blowing range of exercises and also gives you the opportunity for extra strength to add weight plates. It is worth the price, considering its efficiency, although a better guarantee is required. The GTS is undoubtedly the most sophisticated equipment and a fantastic home gym. 

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