A Look at the Unique Fashion Sense of Raquel Allegra

Well, fashionistas, it’s that time of year to start finding the hottest fashions for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Really, what could be better than shopping for warm-weather clothing to get over the winter blues?

If you’re looking for a relatively new designer whose styles might fit your own, you should consider Raquel Allegra. She’s a relatively new face on the fashion scene, but her designs look to burst the doors of the boutique fashion industry open this coming spring and summer. So, let’s take a closer look at the unique fashion sense of Raquel Allegra.

Raquel discovered her creativity at an early age.



Raquel Allegra discovered her love of artistry at a young age under the direction of her artisan parents. She started small by reimagining shirts from the Los Angeles County prison system—turning regular tees into works of art. Her vintage t-shirts became a big hit, but that was merely the beginning for this burgeoning designer.


Through laborious experiments with different styles and fabrics, Raquel found her voice in the fashion industry. These days, you can find her famous tie-dye dresses, jumpsuits, pants, and tees gracing red carpet events and magazine covers. To this day, all of her tie-dye pieces are tied and dyed by hand in Los Angeles, except for a few select pieces.

Raquel Allegra creates stylish, comfortable clothing.

One of the best things about Raquel Allegra’s namesake label is that it combines high fashion with the laid-back vibe of California and Raquel’s love for natural beauty. Indeed, her garments are as comfortable a fit as the group of friends she works with to produce her clothing line.

Many people love that Allegra’s styles achieve high fashion without being constricting. What fashionista doesn’t want style and comfort at the top of their wish list? Subsequently, Raquel’s designs are equally suited to a walk in the park or a walk on the red carpet. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood also find that Allegra’s designs are suitable for the red carpet, as well.

Allegra’s designs draw largely on the beauty found in nature.


Raquel initially turned heads with her vintage t-shirts and bold graphic design shirts, but her most popular garments draw on the beauty of mother nature. Indeed, her pattern designs include the forest butterfly, petal butterfly, and giant rocks, all splayed out in her patented, one-of-a-kind tie-dye garments. Not only does Allegra incorporate nature in her designs, but she’s also a part of the CanopyStyle Campaign, meaning she uses select fabrics to practice kindness to the planet and the many life it supports.

Raquel Allegra’s clothing is all about freedom of expression.

Another thing you’ll find about Raquel’s unique fashion sense is that she is all about freedom of expression, as well as movement. One of her collections is called the “Freedom and Liberté Collection.” It features graphic prints of wild horses in all their majesty. And like all of her clothing, it’s loose-fitting and breathable to provide optimal comfort for wearers.


As you can see, Allegra has made it her mission to incorporate the tradition of artistry in her namesake label. Her commitment to craftsmanship is a welcome refreshment in the fashion industry after getting her creative streak from her artisan parents, who encouraged her design career from day one. Allegra creates stunning garments that are great for all styles and draw largely on nature’s beauty encouraging freedom of expression.


Indeed, Raquel Allegra is a breath of fresh air on the fashion scene. You can find her boutique clothing line on her website or the We Are Iconic online store. We’re confident that you’ll love the way Allegra’s designs look and feel on you!

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