A Guide to Understanding Your Baby Before They’re Even Born

A Guide to Understanding Your Baby Before They’re Even Born

Some mothers and other birth-giving parents feel connected to their babies from the earliest moments of pregnancy. Others might not recognize that same bond, and their partner often won’t feel that connection until later. Even so, there are steps you can take to understand your baby a bit better even before they’re born, despite the fact that you can’t ask them questions about themselves or even observe them outside of an ultrasound.

Turn to their due date.



From when you first confirmed or even suspected that you were pregnant, you could probably estimate their due date with relative certainty. Of course, not every newborn sticks by that predefined timeline, but you can nevertheless study the zodiac sign and other astrological aspects associated with this date and those that surround it. For instance, a due date of June 20 would indicate that they’ll be born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp. In that case, researching both Gemini and Cancer will be helpful—you can even make a game of trying to guess which sign seems more accurate! Then, if your baby is born earlier, you can be surprised even further, as astrologists infer that premature infants are born early for a reason.

Look inside.



An ultrasound image can give you a glimpse of your baby, albeit a blurry one. What if you could look even more closely at your infant before birth? Both home tests and laboratory testing can give you insight into who your child may be. For example, the SneakPeek Gender Test can tell you whether they’ll be male or female. Experts put Sneak Peek accuracy at 99 percent, and you can get a full refund if it turns out your SneakPeek test was incorrect. In other words, you’ll be able to say rather confidently what your baby’s sex will be! This won’t tell you everything about your newborn, of course, but it’s more insight than you might otherwise have from home.

Research their name.



Now that you know your baby’s most likely sex, you’ve probably settled on a name, or perhaps a few names. While you have the ultimate say in your child’s birth name, you can also consider the meanings behind it. History and etymology can tell you a lot about a certain name, while concepts like numerology offer a more unconventional translation. However you go about it, studying the meanings of the names you‘re considering can not only help you get to know your little one early on but help you make a decision in the first place.

Find ways to bond.



From early on in pregnancy, there are ways you can begin to bond with your baby beyond figuring out their potential zodiac sign. For instance, many parents feel more connected through touch, even if it’s through the skin while the infant’s in the womb. Others make a connection through speech or music, while some may focus on feeling good emotions themselves in order to give their baby the same sensations. This can even be as simple as journaling or daydreaming about the many possibilities of who your child may be.


There are few ways to know just who your baby will become, but there are tools you can use to understand your little one from their earliest days of gestation. From determining likely zodiac signs and numerological traits based on the baby’s due date and prospective name to singing a song to your little boy or girl, there’s no reason to wait until childbirth to connect with your infant. In fact, taking the time to gain this understanding before they’re born may very well strengthen your connection even more once they’ve made their appearance.

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