A Guide for the Best Party Outfits

Have you just received an invite to the party of the year? Before you accept any of that, you must check on your wardrobe. Are you sure that you have the right outfit? Everything must be on point, from accessories to the perfect bag.

Many of us find it challenging to decide what is the right style and appropriate outfit match for important events. Well, before you go hunting ideas form the male or female mannequin on the stores’ displays, here are some tips that might be very useful.

Are you ready to become the queen or the king of the party? Being cool and chic has never been easier.

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“Sparkle” is the Word

It can’t even be called a party if you are not shining like a disco ball. But don’t worry: you don’t need to spend a fortune to look glamorous. Wear a gold or silver glitter tank top, or go bold with some glittery pink or black.

Don’t forget to style it with a pair of straight-cut trousers or a mini skirt. When choosing the perfect footwear, definitely pick a pair of black heels. They don’t need to be too high; you still need to be comfortable to dance all night long. On the other hand, try to avoid shiny shoes: you don’t want them to steal the attention from the rest of your sparkling outfit!

A Guide for the Best Party Outfits
A Guide for the Best Party Outfits

Man can still embrace their bright side by wearing a glitter tie or bow tie. Take your style to the next level by adding some cufflinks or a make a bold statement by wearing a huge watch (which must at least look expensive, even if it isn’t).

What About Jeans?

Although jeans are usually considered casualwear, you can still put a whole party outfit together with the right pair of denim. Once you choose your jeans, you can easily create a dressy look and the most gorgeous guest at the party.

First, you must ensure that your chosen jeans fit you perfectly. As a general rule, dark jeans are always better and more accessible to style, because they can be paired with a top of any color and with some nice black heels.

How to Rock a Business Party?

It is unavoidable: sooner or later, you will be summoned for a business party, either with your colleagues or your clients. In this case, your aim should be wearing business attire, but also play with many of the variations within this category so that your outfit will not look boring.

Jeans, sneakers, jumpers and short dresses are definitely banned. You should instead choose suits, knee-length skirts and blazers. If the style required by the party is business casual, you can also wear some khakis or dark dress pants.

Unless your party is business formal, wearing a tie is optional. For a more formal look, go for a sheath dress or a pencil skirt, and don’t forget a nice pair of shoes. These must be chic, not too high and preferably black.

Cocktail Parties

As the name suggests, guests of a cocktail party can rely on alcohol to distract other people from their terrible outfits. Anyway, this is definitely not going to be your case, since we are sure you are going to rock this occasion as well.

Cocktail Parties
Cocktail Parties

For a cocktail party, we suggest wearing a dress made of silk or taffeta. It should be the perfect balance between a sundress and a ballgown. Luckily enough for you, the majority of department stores have sections dedicated to party dresses, so it should be easy to find the right piece.

Men should avoid suits unless it is a night-time party. Light suits and pieces, such as beige and grey, are excellent. Of course, you must avoid jeans and dresses (or trousers) that are too short or too tight. Otherwise, you will feel physically uncomfortable for hours, and you will not even be able to enjoy your cocktail.

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How to Save Money While Staying Stylish

Following all the latest fashion trends can be particularly expensive. Unless you usually go to parties monthly, you surely don’t want to spend a bunch of money for a dress or a suit that you are going to wear only a few times in your life. This is why many people tend to recycle their wedding dress for each occasion.

A good idea is to purchase only the pieces that are basic enough. You can never know when you may need to wear a black cocktail dress or a white blouse. Besides, these pieces can be worn and styled in different ways. While other costly parts are concerned, such as necklaces, cufflinks or bow ties, you can just rent them. This will make your outfit more eco- and budget-friendly.

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