6 Best Practical Home Kitchen Storage Ideas That Actually Work

Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you want your kitchen to stay clean and tidy, your best choice is to use kitchen storage to keep your stuff organized. This article will help you maximize every space and take control of your kitchen as we give you the best practical home storage ideas in today’s market. The following list of kitchen storage ideas will liberate you from cluttered environments.

The first kitchen storage idea on our list is to tack your plastic bags. The best way to tack your plastic bags is to use wall hooks like JIN SHUNFA Wall Hooks. This wall hook product is transparent reusable seamless hooks, waterproof, and oil proof, which are best used in your kitchen. You can also use this wall hook in your bathroom to hang your towels and other bathroom needs.

It’s transparent and straightforward appearance is the perfect design that can complement any kitchen or bathroom design you put it into. It is strong enough to carry most of your stuff like plastic bags, kitchen utensils, towels, and more. The best thing about this product is that it does not leave any trace after removing it from the wall.

You can put this wall hook with almost every type of surface like tile, wood, ceramic, metal, plastic, and more. Keep in mind to be cautious in putting this wall hook with painted surfaces as it could damage its paint.

  • Keep You Veggies In A Three-Tier Shelf

The best way to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh is to keep the window open in your drawer so that the ethylene gas can escape. Hence, the reason you should store your vegetables and fruits in a three-tier shelf like this BIRDROCK HOME three-tier metal shelf with round abaca baskets.

This three-tier shelf round abaca basket comes with an espresso color, which gives a natural design to any kitchen interior design you put it into. The material used in this product is rattan, wicker, and metal, and its dimension is 18.25″ W x 18.25″ L x 40″ H. This product is mostly put on the side of a countertop.

This round abaca basket is multipurpose storage that can store any food or items. The three different sizes of the basket are made with abaca fiber, which is exceptionally durable, and it is combined with a sturdy, foldable stand. You can easily modify the baskets and the stand as you can easily remove the baskets and fold the stand to create more space.

  • The Perfect Curtain Rod

Curtain rods are mainly used for curtains. However, one useful tip to have a more organized kitchen is to use curtain rods to organize your kitchen utilities. One of the best ways to organize your kitchen is to use a curtain rod combined with an S hook to hang your ladles, knives, potholders, and more. The GoodtoU Curtain Rod is one of the most recommended curtain rods you can buy in today’s market.

  • Using Pegboards

Pegboards are one of the best ways to organize your kitchen. It is hung on the wall, which gives you more floor space for your kitchen. Pegboards are usually used to hang kitchen utilities like pans, grater, pots, and many more. This is a better option if you are not a fan of hooks, as this product is more sturdy and can hold much heavier items from your kitchen.

  • Coffee Pod Storage

If you are a coffee lover and love the products of Keurig, then this coffee pod storage is for you. If you are having trouble storing your many pods, then you should consider buying this coffee pod storage. This can help you store about 40 Keurig k-cup pods. It comes with a black and a gray color, which can easily blend into your kitchen interior’s color.

Each pod is 0.3 part, and pod holder lips are about 0.2 higher than the pods, which keep it steady and avoid getting mixed up. There is also a smooth rotation feature where you can easily rotate the top part as it rotates smoothly and quietly. The pods themselves will help your kitchen to look better than before.

  • Paper Towel Rack

One of the best ways to organize your kitchen is to use a paper towel rack. This will keep your paper towels to keep themselves in a place where you want them. Having a straightforward approach to using this product where you can easily use it whenever you want and anytime you need is a convenient experience you can have in your kitchen.


These are the best options you can do to make your kitchen more organized than before. The simplest change you put in your kitchen can make a massive difference in terms of the overall impact it gives to your kitchen. The best way to design your kitchen is to have an organized overall look.


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