5 ways to bring natural elements into your interior

As the transition to summer is about to start, you will want to rotate your wardrobe. It is time to switch out the clothes in your closet and do some sort of ceremonial cleansing. In addition to changing up your closet, you will want to spruce up your home interior. A fresh look and feel can really transform your home. Think about decorating with natural elements. The best way to celebrate nature’s rewards is to put it on display. The beautiful will create a relaxing atmosphere and relax your mind. If you would like to incorporate nature’s goodness into your home but do not know how to take a look at these 5 ideas.

Use natural materials in the design

Nature is magical in the sense that it inspires, heals, and connects people. Decorating can deepen your connection to the natural world in wonderful ways. Natural materials such as are the ones you should embrace in home design. They are less processed. Not only are they better for you but also for the environment.

  • Incorporate wood into the interior décor: Wood can be incorporated anywhere from the living room to the bedroom. If you do not like tree stump stools, use wooden branches as curtain rods. Transforming a branch into a curtain rod is not complicated at all. All you have to do is find the right branch and create a uniform look.
  • Celebrate natural stone: As a homeowner, you might enjoy the look of natural rock walls.  You have the impression that you are stepping into a fairy tale and not an old-fashioned house. If you do not have a rock on site, head over to the local rock and landscape supply. Plan where and how big the wall will be. You are not a professional stonemason, so it is a good idea to have an expert build the wall. Pick pleasant colors, such as brick or coral.

Opt for natural elements that do not put off your inner peace.

Fill your home with plants    

The simplest way to bring nature into your household is to have indoor plants. Plants improve your health just by being in the home. Do not worry if until so far you have managed to kill everything you have ever bought. Besides cacti, you can try aloe, spider plants, succulents, and lavender. It is possible to find arrangements of all types. Consider combining different pots and vases to create a sort of gallery. As you search for new plants to adorn your home, you will find there are various ways to add a new dimension to the home décor. Here are some unexpected ways to decorate with plants.

  • Macramé plant hangers – Have your own boho-chic inspired plant hanger. If you know how to use basic knots and patterns, you will find this DIY project easy. Brighten up the indoor space with a colorful macramé plant hanger.
  • Window ledge – Do not neglect the small parts of the home. Indoor plants can die if they do not get enough sunlight. With a little bit of effort, you can make a windowsill to accommodate your dear plants. Proudly display your collection of greenery.
  • Plant prism – Place a potted plant in the center of the prism. The plant will look even more spectacular in a geometric prism. Consider adding small stones or pebbles without making a huge mess.

Add a water feature for a little more Zen

Water features are typically found in outdoor gardens, where they enhance the appearance of the landscape, purify the air, and reduce the amounts of noise. However, you can add ambiance to your indoor space as well. If you want to enjoy the sound of running water, create a wall accent. This feature does not take up too much space, not to mention that it will increase the value of the property. The wall accent looks expensive, although it is not, making potential buyers fall in love with the home. If you ever plan to sell the place, you will not struggle to get buyers’ attention. The fountain will help you relax and de-stress. The water feature can be placed in the office or any other room in the home. It is not recommendable to place it under the staircase because this can promote negative energy. You can place the subtle water feature near the window, as the pool will catch natural light.

Increase the home’s natural light

Natural sunlight is one of the best design elements. The great thing is that it is free. Light sets the mood and atmosphere into the living space, highlighting every single element. Natural light will make the color of the furniture stand out. What is more, it will make you feel happier and more vibrant. So, make the most of the natural light. If you want to get lots and lots of natural light, you have to:

  • Add mirrors and shiny objects: The more objects there are in the home, the more light they will reflect back. In addition to mirrors, you can use chandeliers, gold door knobs, brass candlesticks, and furniture with glass. They will make the room look bigger.
  • Use window treatments: Glaze or tint elements can absorb natural light, which is why you need to remove heavy or dark-colored window treatments. Opt for lightweight fabrics and light colors.
  • Select the right color palette: Colour can absorb or reflect light. Light hues are much more reflective, easily bouncing the lighting in the home. The best paint colors for dark rooms are lavender, bright orange, powder blue, and soft grey.

Keep in mind that the absence of proper lighting can have a significant impact on the interior, affecting both the mood and the perception of the space.

Decorate with seashells


The next time you go to the beach, bring back some seashells. Put them all into bowls and place the bowl on a mantlepiece or the top of a shelf. Exhibiting seashells in the glass is a fantastic idea. If you want, you can invest in a special display that will remind you of the things you loved during vacation. You can equally decorate anything you like in the house with seashells. Examples include chairs, tables, mirrors, photo frames, and so on and so forth. Make sure that the treasured findings are present throughout the home.

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