5 Things to Check When Buying the Right Shoe Stretchers

You can always judge a person by their shoes, or so they say. It is for this reason; you have to choose your shoes and your shoe stretchers carefully.

Now you must be wondering what a shoe stretcher is! Let’s explore.

You may have bought the shoes in the latter part of the day when the feet are the largest, and you may have bought the styles that don’t tend to pinch.

But despite the best efforts to make sure that you get good fitted & comfortable shoes, you can end up with uncomfortable and tight-fitted shoes.

Here comes the need for shoe stretchers.

Reasons to Use Stretchers

There are several reasons you may find the need for these stretchers:

  1. The feet can swell
  2. Bunions, corns, and other imperfections can be present
  3. Your feet size can be landing between 2 sizes

Life can be quite miserable if your shoes are uncomfortable. And a shoe stretcher can come to your assistance at this point. It can alleviate issues and deliver a more comfortable experience.

Many of these stretchers also come with built-in holes. They can stretch the shoes in just the problem spots like near the bunions or corn.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

  • Size Change Requirements – If you need stretching a pair of shoes by greater than a single size, then stretchers are not for you. Most of the shoe stretchers can increase the size of the shoes by just one size. So if you want a size greater than that, it is best to purchase a larger size.
  • One-way vs. Two-way – Theone-way stretchers can stretch the shoes in one particular direction. The two-way stretchers can increase both along the length and width. Even though the two-way stretchers are advisable if you are looking to save money, you may go with the one-way stretcher based on the needs.
  • Type of Shoe –A majority of the stretchers work on a variety of basic shoe styles. If you are looking for something to expand the high heels or boots, you probably need a specialized shoe stretcher. These are shaped to suit the specific shoe style.
  • Shoe Material – Theshoes are available in a variety of materials that have diverse stretching abilities. Natural matters like canvas and leather are great at holding the size and shape after stretching. Synthetic materials like polyurethane can be stretched. But they are supposed to return to the original size and shape after a short while.
  • Materials– The wooden stretchers are usually preferable from quality standpoints. However, plastic shoe stretchers are much more affordable than a decent wooden stretcher. They come in pairs more frequently than the wooden stretchers.

Most shoe stretchers cost between $10 and $50. They are one-way stretchers and are made of plastic. A decent wooden stretcher can cost $25 for a two-way model. You can buy a premium stretcher for $50 from the hardwood that includes various stretching plugs.

Now that you know these buy the right shoe stretcher and ensure a comfortable and hassle-free walk whenever you want.


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