5 Must-Try Rainy Day Outfits 

5 Must-Try Rainy Day Outfits 

During rainy days, it can be tricky to find the perfect outfit to wear. However, do not slip back to the old and boring outfit combinations just because you need to stay warm. Plus, ordinary outfits will not do much for your style and your esteem as well.

Thus, as you stay warm during the day, ensure that you upgrade your style game. So when there are random showers and chilly breezes, try out some outfits that not only keep you warm but make you look stylish during the cold season. Below are some must-try rainy day outfits that you can add to your wardrobe. 

  1. The beret hat 

The beret hat is beautiful and is not only for the people in the army or artists. A beret hat is now a popular fashion choice that you must try during the rainy days when you need to step out. You can now wear a beret during the cold and hot season. So, next time you are looking to go out on a rainy day.

Add berets to your lily lulu fashion collection outfits as well, as they will help protect your hair when it starts raining. For instance, try a black leather beret or a white one as it is versatile, and it helps repel water. Afterward, you can add other fabrics to style during other seasons.

  1. The long boot

Boots are a must-have in your wardrobe as they are a popular street style during rainy seasons. So having a long boot is essential as they not only protect your feet from getting wet, but they also contribute to warm your feet. So, shop in various fashion stores, through this you will find various alternatives and designs to help suit your style needs.

5 Must-Try Rainy Day Outfits 
5 Must-Try Rainy Day Outfits

To start with, buy a black pair as it is versatile and add more colors that will help you style in different ensembles, and you can be in a position to switch up your style with ease. As you wear your long boot, tuck it in a pair of skinny jeans and step out in a classic style. 

  1. Maxi dress 

Why should you stop wearing your dresses because it is raining and cold outside? Wear short dresses with high boots and try a maxi dress with ankle boots or long boots as well. This comes in handy when the weather is windy, and so the breeze will not hit you as much as the dress is long. As you wear this, add a denim jacket or a leather jacket to style your maxi dress and your beret will blend perfectly as well. 

  1. Patent leather trousers 

In recent years, patent leather pants have made a comeback. These trousers are stylish, and if you wear them correctly, they will not disappoint. They have won the hearts of many due to their glossy finish and how they keep the raindrops away. Try this out during the rainy season, and you will stand out from the crowd.

To style, it right, pair it with a colorful warm jumper, and you can wear a denim top or try a plain turtleneck for a lovely final look. 

5 Must-Try Rainy Day Outfits 
5 Must-Try Rainy Day Outfits
  1. Faux fur jacket 

A faux fur jacket is a beautiful and trendy piece that you can add to your collection of rainy day outfits. They are also cozy, and you can enjoy the overall look that they give your ensemble. Even though it is not a full fur jacket, you can opt for one that has an element of fur.

Don it with a cropped sweater underneath and with a faux fur jacket over it to stay perfectly warm. As you shop for faux fur jacket, opt for long and cropped ones as well.

In summary, the above are some of the must-try rainy day outfits that you can try. Others you can add to this list are Dr marten’s boots, especially if you are a street style lover. They are in all sorts of colors, and their matte and glossy finish help repel water.

A long wool coat will make you feel warm all day either you wear it with jeans or a dress. Try some of this and those mentioned above to be ready to look stylish during rainy days. 

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