5 Colorful Shrubs to Instantly Brighten up Your Garden

When it comes to beautifying one’s garden, most people don’t automatically think of shrubs. In their minds, they picture them as the perfect backdrop: green bushes situated behind beautiful flowering plants. However, this is not always the case. Did you know that there are colorful shrub varieties that produce vibrant foliage? If not, you’re totally missing out!

Many of these ornamental bushes instantly add extra appeal not just to your garden but also to your porch and walkway. Moreover, they’re truly perfect for landscaping as some of them even grow flowers to complement your space.

If you’re interested in growing shrubs but can’t seem to think of any plant to start with, you’ve come to the right place. Read on below to find out some of the boldest and most vibrant shrub variants to add to your garden.


The multi-colored and easy-to-grow crotons are great shrubs to grow for any gardener. Their foliage is easily spotted as they are covered with red, yellow, and orange marks. They are also perfect for those who want to add color to their homes but are not fond of flowering plants.

Crotons can be planted both outdoors on the ground or indoors inside containers—just make sure that you place them in a location that gives them enough light for a few hours a day. Without the sun, they will quickly lose their vibrancy.

To add, crotons also require lots of humidity since they originate in warmer climates. If you think you don’t have enough humidity in your area, you can just mist their leaves or place a humidifier nearby. Learn more about growing these plants to ensure they thrive under your care.

Wine & Roses Weigela

If you love plants that attract butterflies and birds to your garden, then the Wine & Roses Weigela is what you’re looking for. These shrubs produce romantic pink blooms that will stand out against their dark purple foliage. In addition, they are fast-growing and fuss-free to grow, so adding these plants will easily provide color to your landscape all season long.

Wine & Roses Weigela grow from four to five feet in height and width and require to be spaced out five to six feet away from one another. Strictly following the proper spacing ensures their healthy roots and longevity. Thus, you will need a spacious garden if you plan to grow a lot of these shrubs.

Common Lilacs

One of the most popular flowering shrubs is the common lilac. They are fragrant, low-maintenance, and come in white, lavender, magenta, purple, and cream hues. Furthermore, while they typically bloom for three to four weeks, it’s possible to extend their beauty for up to six weeks with careful planning.

Common lilacs love receiving full sun and require loamy, well-drained soil to produce their best blooms. They also grow suckers which helps them propagate quickly. However, if you want to prevent them from spreading or maintain a neat appearance, you may just cut their suckers off.

These shrubs tend to grow mildew, so you should provide them with good air circulation. As such, you will have to prune them regularly. Consistent pruning will also help deter any pests and diseases that may attack them.

Variegated Japanese Pieris

If there’s one word to describe the Variegated Japanese Pieris, it would be “elegant.” With its delicate white bell-shaped flowers dropping against its green foliage, your garden will instantly look charming. Those with smaller space will appreciate these shrubs as they are compact and don’t overgrow.

Despite their slow growth, they will mature to be as tall as ten feet and spread up to seven feet wide if you allow them. When growing Variegated Japanese Pieris, avoid hot spots. Instead, look for a shady, sheltered location for best results.

Do keep in mind that they are fussy about the soil they are grown in. They thrive in loamy or sandy soil types that are moist and well-drained. Ensure that you also have the right pH level for them since Pieris turns yellow in alkaline soil.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

With coarse leaves resembling oak, the oakleaf hydrangea provides an excellent contrast to more delicate flowers in your landscape. These plants thrive in places with good sun and well-drained soil for their beautiful white blooms to grow.


You can either get them with single or double blossoms. Their foliage is especially attractive during the fall, with their leaves turning red, orange-bronze, and purple. Oakleaf hydrangeas can live in cooler areas but provide them with protection from the harsh winter cold.


Shrubs are not just boring green bushes that you can grow in the background. In contrast to popular belief, they can also bring vibrance to any landscape. As an example, we’ve listed five plants above that will instantly brighten up your garden. Indeed, they are garden must-haves, whether you want them for their foliage or flowers.


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