4 Sports Hunks Using Yoga to Keep Their Bodies Supple

These days it’s not just you and your girlfriends heading down the yoga studio to stay fit and get in touch with your inner self. Now sweaty men have decided they need more Zen in their own testosterone fueled lives.

However, these men are far from alone, with many top male sports stars also turning to varied forms of yoga to stay loose and injury-free, so they can keep the million-dollar paychecks coming in. Here are some of the hunkiest we could find.

Yoga is no longer seen as just being the domain of ladies in spandex

Evan Longoria

No, we haven’t done a disservice to the Desperate Housewives star, Evan is in fact a top-level Baseball player who plies his trade with the San Francisco Giants.

When Evan’s not using his 1,85m to blast home runs, he puts it through a host of yoga exercises, all of them designed to help his body heal after a tough training session or match. During his time with the Tampa Bay Rays, he even invited fans to join in him in yoga sessions, meaning fans could ask him which MLB Oddschecker bets could be real winners in between the striking downward dog and lord of the dance poses.

We would like to see some of these athletes manage this pose

Shaquille O’Neal

Men just don’t come much bigger than Shaq and although he’s retired now, he credits yoga with having helped him remain limber in his later years as a pro athlete.

This is despite him being almost comically bad in his first yoga class, after which he dubbed himself the worst yogi of all time.

Lebron James

Another basketball player, but this one is still very much active, now plying his trade at the NBA’s LA Lakers.

After suffering lower back pains James turned to yoga and has been practicing ever since, bending his giant frame into all manner of contortions that we will never tire of watching.

Tom Brady

This quarter-back must be doing something right, being married to Gisele Bündchen and having just signed a new NFL deal at the ripe old age of 42.

There’s no doubt that yoga has played a part in maintaining his career’s longevity and now he and his supermodel wife practice together at home. The future hall of fame shoo-in has even been spotted striking yoga poses on the NFL sidelines, on the odd occasion he’s benched during a game.

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