18 Things You have to Do Before Turn 18

18 Things You have to Do Before Turn 18

Girls, the beautiful creation of God
Are the one admirable thought!!
The innocent smile and the sparkling eyes
Deserves the happiness throughout their lives!!!

Every phase of a girl’s life is a mystery that you are supposed to explain with lots of fun and indelible excitements. Just when you learn to know them well, you will discover many ways to their heart.

A girl’s life before 18, is like a roller coaster ride with lots of enthusiasm. The teenage is way too beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

We are here to guide you with the startling things you can do in this very crucial phase of life

So let us figure out the activities can be experienced and enjoyed in the autumn years of life.

List of Things to do Before you Turn 16

Here is the list of things to do before you turn 16

Girls at 16, is named as sweet 16 and is the step of experiencing the teenage life more closely.

This teenage life can help you bring the best in you because it is the time of experiments so let your surrounding talk about your dreams:

  • Decorate your room in your style

  Let your room reflect, more about your future dreams.

  • Explore your signature recipe

  Try new recipes, to satisfy your hunger with family and friends.

  • Host a girl gang party

  Explore the journey of organizing a get-together and discover yourself as a host. You can have a roof party at your home too.

  • Participate! Participate!

  Be the part of shows, dance class, singing class, photography sessions and figure out your skill.

Sweet 16 is the beginning of a sweet journey and hence is the initiation of making beautiful memories which are worth remembering at any point of time in your life,

so do not forget to:

  • Write a Journal

Let your words get a life in the pages of your journal, 40 years after these words will put a smile on your face. Maintaining a daily diary will help you remember the things every day.

  • Design a scrapbook

  To ponder over good memories, paste your favorite pictures of your happy time spent with family and friends in the scrapbook.

  • Create a Blog

  Let your imagination expand through the blog. Write your thoughts, poems, stories, and widen your circle to let the world know your skills.   

  Living the life of sweet 16, and gradually getting closer to 17. It is time to make little more mistakes mindfully and discovering yourself more let us figure out what can you do when you turn 17  

  • Learn to Play an Instrument

     Music is the God of all the hobbies. Think of a sound of music that gives you Goosebumps. You take it as a profession late but now you can claim it as a passion. Learn one of the Instruments and imagine you are playing that same instrument in a concert. Give yourself a chance; who knows you might be the next rockstar?

  • Join a hobby class

  Studies are important but the addition of a hobby class will help you learn the art of organizing your thoughts. Be a part of crafts, photography, etc

  • Swim like a fish

  With age, biological changes are a part of teenage life and so demands proper care and attention. The swimming class will work as a workout and skill enhancement. 

Be daring and dive!

Bucket List of Things you can go Nuts with at the Age of 17

Turning 17? Going crazy is worth a deal!

Here is the bucket list of things you can go nuts with at the age of 17

  • Be a part of Concerts: Plan a get together with friends to attend your favorite Concert
  • Experience ‘Me Time’: Go alone to watch a movie
  • Fun Calls: Make prank calls to a friend
  • Click Pictures: Take an everyday selfie in your school uniform just after reaching home
  • Audio Time: Record your voice while reading, singing, etc
  • Be a Teacher: Make a video and explain a chapter, a word and share it with your teachers
  • Say Thank you to your teachers:
  • Surprise your favorite teacher with a handmade card
  • Prepare a song for him or her
  • Prepare a memory book by pasting photos with your teacher
  • Prepare a funny act and perform for your teachers
  • Celebrate Pen Day!
  • Enjoy a pen day at your school in your farewell party. 
  • Write wishes to your friend’s school shirts with sketch pen
  • Keep the written wishes in the shirts and skirts, so that you can treasure them as a lifelong memory.
18 Things You have to Do Before Turn 18

  Teenage is the one special phase of life; make the most out of it.

You are still a teenager at 18, but now with little responsibility, because its time you avail your voting rights. So blend in your craziness now with little more awareness and focused learning. It is time to be daring!

18 Things you have to do before Turn 18

Here is the to do list before 18

Know the Country as a whole, learn all the capitals and subdivisions, learn about bureaucracy, democracy, international relations of your country.

18 Things You have to Do Before Turn 18
18 Things You have to Do Before Turn 18
  • Discover your own style
    It is time to feel new.
    Discover your style, look trendy in bohemian (boho)  dresses, or give yourself a classy look.
    Get rid of old clothes or you can have fusion with new trousers and jeans.
  • Budget Makeover
    Find out ways to look expensive within budget
    Learn basic makeup tricks for occasions and girls parties.
  • Try Different Hairstyles
    Go for trendy colors streaks on your hair
    Chop your long hair and give trendy bob look
  • Hit the Road: Now, it’s time to learn to be independent.

Learn driving
Drive safe
Reach on time
With no escapes!

Driving is an important skill to be learned because you are yet to explore a lot and be on time in your lot of visits.

  • Travel In Budget
    This is a time to explore your surroundings. Traveling improves your awareness and knowledge.
    Under Budget travel, you will learn and experience the skill of prioritizing things.
    So travel to have fun and learn the art of living
  • Read, Read, Read, and write!
    Read the biography of any politician, actor/actress, choreographer, author, etc
    Take out the learning from their life experiences
    Share it on blogs, online portals and expand the vision

              Because you are teenage and in the middle of mindful age!

  • Record your experiences

Don’t just keep dreaming. Make your dreams a reality by publishing your goals and visions through your blogs. Make the best use of technology.  
Go ahead and make a YouTube channel and spice up your life.
Capture the moments; make a video of your trips, cooking your favorite recipe, making of your painting, crafts, etc
Upload the moments strategically.

  • Make your community

 This idea will make you learn leadership qualities, effective communication, and coordination before you experience the hardships of life. So, for now, let’s money talk less and friendship builds the best.

  • Learn and grow with your friends because friendships are precious
  • Make a community with a central idea of helping each other, sharing hobbies, ideas, etc.
  • Invite more people to your community and make your surroundings positive and innovative.
  • Save yourself for hard times
  • Open a bank account.
  • Save some amount from your pocket money
  • Stay safe, stay rich!

Let the fun begin at the age of 18. Here we are with the list of Fun things to do when you turn 18

  • Give funny nicknames to your friends as related to their nature, and save their phone numbers with those funny names.
  • Drive a taxi
  • Rent out your belongings
  • Use a ride-sharing scooter like Bird or Lime
  • Register to give blood or be an organ donor
  • Enter an adults-only store
  • Book a hotel room
  • Buy a pet
  • Get a body piercing or tattoo without parental consent
  • Go to the museum for fun with your friend circle.

   Pick your favorite activity and experience the life journey of teenagers. Be Crazy, go nuts, but mindfully! Make teenage praise, not a curse! Live the moments now, set your mind free, get your magazine subscriptions for free.  Learn many things through the quizzing habit.  Life goes on, but you have to be the driver of your own planning and goals. 

So girls, Cheer up! , you are now venturing into an adventurous life!

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