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10 top secrets of weight loss

10 top secrets of weight loss

10 top secrets of weight loss

10 top secrets of weight loss – These tips don’t originate from a top secret facility that conduct testing on genetically improved human beings; these are just some common sense decisions you should be making daily to stay healthy.  Some tips have been shrouded by misinformation and this article will be a good opportunity to clarify some myths of the nutritional world.Strip Club Name Generator

Keep a food journal, it’s obsessive but it works.

Food journals are very important when it comes to identifying the hidden calories you consume without noticing. A soda, bag of pretzels; they all add up to your total caloric intake. Keeping a food journal will give you a reference of how many calories you’re consuming during the day. Hopefully the guilt that results, will keep you from overeating.

Juices are too healthy! Go with whole fruits.

Juices are calorie dense. Don’t eat 4 oranges worth of calories in a glass of orange juice, rather, eat the whole fruit. The pulp will help your GI tract while you’ll feel fuller for longer. So, juices are off the table and whole fruits are on the table!

Running or jogging can do wonders!

Running or jogging is a very good source of calories burn. For example, if you’re running 5km in 30 – 35 minutes, you’re easily burning around 300 – 400 calories! That’s just the calories burn during the exercise; let’s not forget the post-running calorie burn!

10 top secrets of weight loss 10 top secrets of weight lossEat as many raw vegetables as you can.

Anytime you feel hungry, don’t hesitate to munch on raw vegetables. Raw vegetables are high volume low calorie food and there’s no way you can overeat raw vegetables. Also, they’ll provide you with essential minerals and vitamins so you don’t have to pop a multi-vitamin pill.

Be aquatic and lose weight!

Swimming burns a lot of calories. If it’s summer and you have privileges to a swimming pool, go with swimming. It is a full body workout.

Having breakfast like a king isn’t a very smart thing to do.

The in-fashion thing to do is to have a grand breakfast, a moderate lunch and a meager dinner but try not to go over-board with your morning extravaganza. Have a moderate breakfast rather than stuffing your gut with everything present in your refrigerator. Some people consume way too many calories while misinterpreting the popular saying.

A hint of chocolate never hurts anyone

A small serving of dark chocolate (~10 – 15g) during a strenuous workout will give you an instant boost! So go for it if you feel like giving up during your exercise.

Post-dinner walk is a must.

There’s nothing like a post-dinner walk that starts to consume the bucket-load of food you just consumed! Go for a walk before bedtime to make sure your body doesn’t turn into a food to fat conversion machine.

Proteins for the win!

Proteins keep you full for longer so don’t shy away from good sources like eggs, fish and chicken. Protein shakes are a good option as well.

There’s no such thing as ‘overtraining’ so stop whining.

There’s no such thing as ‘over training’ or ‘over exercise’ unless you have a medical condition. Your body was made to run, swim, hunt, jump and climb trees! Sadly we don’t do that anymore but our body is still capable of doing it. So play hard and enjoy the pain!

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