10 Big Companies That Hire Ex-Felons in 2019

Finding employment is astraight forward task. If you have the qualifications and experiences required… you will in most cases get the job. But not so if you are a convicted felon, the task is daunting. Of late, more and more employers have been putting measures in place to thoroughly check applicant’s background, and as such, many felons are on edge about how their criminal history will be judged. But what might surprise you is that since 2015 some of the biggest companies worldwide are actively hiring felons.

However, some companies are more felon friendly than others, so do your due diligence before applying.

Without further ado: here are some of the most successful global companies that hire felons:

  • The Military

Leading the way is the military. In the U.K and U.S, the military is one of the most felon friendly employers. Your chances of gaining employment will increase even more during low recruitmentperiods.

The notion that the military is all about soldiering is false, there are a wide range of specialist roles to choose from, medics, communication specialists, and chefs, just to name a few of the more than 200 specialist roles available in the British Army alone.

Joining the military has many benefits, a decent salary, the security of a guaranteed long-term contract, and you can learn various skills and trades. The military will conduct a thorough background check during the recruitment process, but your criminal recordwon’t automatically disqualify you from consideration.

  • McDonald’s

In the past, the fast food industry across the board was known for its high staff turnover rate. But of late many of the bigger companies have put measures in place to address this issue. It’s not all about dishing out burgers and fries anymore, there are established management career paths to choose from for those coming in at entry- level.  A strong work ethic mixed with a desire to grow will open endless possibilities for progression at McDonald’s.

It’s however important to note that McDonald’s operates as a franchise. And the various franchisees have their own policy regarding the hiring of felons. Determining between McDonald’s corporate branches and their franchised branches may increase your chances of gaining employment, you will stand a better chance applying at the corporate branches.

  • Hilton Hotels

Working in the tourism and hospitality industry may not be an automatic choice for most college grads. Like the fast food industry, employment in the tourism and hospitality industry isperceived as short term. But upon careful research we can affirm that isn’t the case, there are attractive and stable positions available in this industry. Apart from this industry being a good option for employment, it’s extremely felon friendly. And holding the torch is Hilton Worldwide. Hilton Worldwideare arguably the largest andsuccessful hotel organizations in the world, and with over 155,000 employees worldwide there isn’t much reasons to doubt that.

Felons are gladly welcome at Hilton, and in terms of positions, the choice really is yours. There are many positions to choose from within each hotel’s facilities services. To describe a few, there are; receptionist roles, maintenance roles, housekeeping and kitchen work. And given the opportunities available within Hilton Worldwide, you can work your way upthe management ladder.

  • Starbucks

In addition to being one of the most valuable companies in the world, Starbucks employs over 250,000 people across the globe, which includes many convicted felons.  Each application submittedby felonsis reviewed along with their felonies on a case-by-case basis. But this isn’t something to worry about, Starbucks have made it very clear that they do and will continue to hire felons.

At entry-level, you can work as a server (on-the-job training will be provided), a washer or a cleaner. Also, if you desire to work your way up as a restaurant supervisor – on-the-job training is provided as well.

  • General Electric (GE)

In spite being one of the major corporations in the U.S, General Electric has done everything within its power to support felons. General Electric, by making their hiring policies felon friendly, has shown over the years that they are willing to give felons a second chance. What’s even more impressive about GE, is their commitment to train felons to work in any of their divisions. Depending on your preference, you may choose from any of the following divisions: Healthcare, Transportation and Capital, Energy Management, Aviation, Oil and Gas, and Power and Water – your options are many.

Everyone deserves a second chance, and GE has provided the perfect opportunity to felons looking to make their lives worthwhile, the second time around.

As mentioned, GE is committed to train every felon they employ. And as such apprenticeships and internships is provided to gain the necessary qualifications for the various positions. Add that together their competitive salaries and other great benefits and you will have the perfect opportunity.

  • IKEA

Founded in 1943, inÄlmhult, Sweden, andnow with 315 stores in 27 countries, IKEA is among the biggest furniture company worldwide. Add that with its US$40.906 billion recorded revenue in 2016, and IKEA becomes a serious employment option, especially for felons.

IKEA has zero tolerance for discrimination against hiring felons. And as such tailored their hiring policies and work environment to accommodate those convicted of felonies.  At entry-level, IKEA provides a wide range of roles in customer service and sales, IT, HR, logistics and not forgetting to mention its catering department.

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